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Off Topic / Re: Interesting deals on asset...
Last post by SnooPI - 2024-Jun-11
That's great Dreamerman  :good:
The last is really good for a Zelda-likes, thanks  :booze:
Gamedev Market's Rpg Adventure Essentials on Humble Bundle.
13 items -> €1.00
36 items -> €16.63
50 items -> €18.46
End date: 11.06.2024

In short, this bundle contains moslty of tileset's, couple music/sfx packs and some characters, icons packs.
PR info:
Game makers, get ready to supercharge your 2D creations with this massive bundle, overflowing with pixel-perfect assets ready to drop into your next project! You'll get dozens of versatile tilesets, from somber cyberpunk cityscapes to idyllic medieval villages, allowing you to bring the worlds in your imagination to life. Populate them with a vast array of diverse characters, fearsome monsters, and charming critters, and add the finishing touches with slick icon packs, sound effects, and retro-inspired music. Pay what you want for this expansive toolkit, ready to use whatever your specific workflow, and help support the Michael J. Fox Foundation with your purchase!

Strictly for game developer those music bundles are more interesting. In both there are some ambient, synt/electrical, and some other specific music types related to title of that bundle.

Ice Cold Low Tempo Build Your Own Music Bundle on Fanatical.
2 items -> €1.65
10 items -> €6.65
20 items -> €11.10
End date: ??

and second one:

Fired up Action Build Your Own Music Bundle on Fanatical.
2 items -> €1.65
10 items -> €6.65
20 items -> €11.10
End date: ??

Music Creators Studio Essentials on Humble Bundle.
5 items -> €1.00
12 items -> €18.13
23 items -> €18.61
End date: 06.06.2024 ???

It looks like comprehensive bundle for some retro music artists.
PR description
Looking for some new audio toys to get your creative juices flowing? This bundle of software, synths, sample packs, and more will inspire you to get back in the lab and ready to put in some work! The Mercury-4 software synth from Cherry Audio is an expertly modeled emulation of the iconic (and exceedingly) rare Roland Jupiter-4. Mixcraft 9 Recording Studio is a powerful, easy to use DAW with a lightning-fast sound engine and stellar third party plugin support. On top of this, you'll get a ton of royalty-free sample packs spanning the genres and a host of other software synths, plugins, and more!

GLBasic - en / Re: Editor Question
Last post by MrPlow - 2024-May-17
No idea if my monitor uses PWM - but after taking away busy line number and margin and running now that program
Eye Saver.. I am noticing less issues...

So all good for now at least :)
GLBasic - en / Re: Editor Question
Last post by dreamerman - 2024-May-16
And what kind of monitor do you use? Standard standalone or some laptop built-in, crucial thing is, does it use PWM for dimming/regulating brightness or DC. Personally I get headache from monitors that use PWM.
GLBasic - en / Re: Editor Question
Last post by MrPlow - 2024-May-15
Thanks - good idea - Just download f.lux and eye-saver programs for windows - see if they help  :)
I will try dark theme too - but in past that didnt help the motion issues...
GLBasic - en / Re: Editor Question
Last post by dreamerman - 2024-May-15
Another thing (beside larger font with bold style) that I can advise is to use dark theme, as it is gentler on they eyes.
What kind of monitor are you using? Playing with blue light filter/color temperature, brightness and contrast may help a little - like one preset for coding/browsing, other for watching movies/YT.
GLBasic - en / Re: Editor Question
Last post by MrPlow - 2024-May-14
yes, I dont know if it could something else but when I look at code via the editor I get a little motion sickness headache.
I dont get it in notepad...  ;)
Could also be scrolling rate of the window is not agreeing with me...

So I was wondering if the refresh of the IDE is different too?!

I have sensitivity to high rate monitors too - and cant watch motion-smoothed TVs either etc.  :D  :D

-  trying diff larger font and removed line numbers to see if motion issues improves ;)
GLBasic - en / Re: Editor Question
Last post by Kitty Hello - 2024-May-14
Yes, there's only the option to change the font size. But there might be alternative fonts to use, that suit your eyes better? We're getting old, eh? :) I need new glasses every two years, myself.