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Bug Reports / Re: Playsound
sure shot. Some programs have a normalization for sound so it keeps a reasonable wave that is not square. But like you said, don't blow up the volume or else you blow the data all together.
Bug Reports / Re: Playsound
opa! that's the problem I have, so 30% and 50% (.3 and .5) works, nice, thanks.
I was waiting to check the sound commands latter.
Bug Reports / Re: Playsound
hi there,

Don't know the answer to your question, for one thing, my encoding goes on an old version of sound forge, so far no problem. I have an issue with the volume though but it is just me(1 works fine, less doesn't work), did not mess with it enough. I will try your sound file and let you know how it goes...
Solaris or Captain Future, it will also have more colors. I would also like to try to keep the background alive too with little things happening so it gives more life as well as sound... anyway i'm in doubt this layout is ok, pixel art would also be fine...any idea references someone? next step should be AI and net play.
finally the engine is complete and the game is alive, I have doubts about the gfx and art in general, go for realistic? pixel? hints anyone? I will post a layout here of an idea... if nothing better comes by, it may have to do.

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hey ynbniar,
nice gfx going on on those dev tools hehe, real cool, CGA rocking for me, awesome.
It somehow reminds me of a game on the way of colonel mustard card ando so on hehe!
Is my guess right? keep it up, post more!
hahaha really nice tube.

now the reason I did not talk about my boardgame was that I took an extra time to figure out which game to do. I'm not the best coder, so looking for an easier game structure is a must so it doesn't become vapour.

My choice is SOLARIS (captain future). Game from the 80s.
here goes another shot, the engine is almost complete.
The interface has a dwarf fortressnes fell hehe.
It shows a lot of the internals and 75% of this info won't be available for the players, It is just a display for debbugging the engine, but I like it's rogue look...

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thanks all advices,

sure for computer players, AI coding will be interesting too.
The hide-card problem, which almost made me change game, was more or less solved by an idea of playing through instant messengers with some trust and similar to the real game.

Hey ynbniar,

nice screen there, I don't recognize the game either, but it is tempting! show more
I have a shoot here too, backstage visual. it's alive

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Oh nice

Kitty Hello you have a great one there, I thought of codes but in an inefficient way, yours sounds great, that's creative!

In the game, each player keeps 10 cards all time.
point a target, and choose a combination of cards.
Since the player has to choose, picky adversaries could break the code. hmmm

Nice one the glasses too thanks FutureCow, the glasses are excellent, the game can be played relatively fast, casual, will not tire a person's eyes, tempting idea specially as a mode.

cards could appear small on the corner of the monitor, space bar show/hide), where you could use your hand to cover to your eyes only, of course this would require people relatively close to the monitor...hmmm

thinking about ideas, the current player cards could all be on the monitor,which is zoomed on the board so that the cards are off screen but there, the game gets played by a cellphone using one of those java bluetooth connections that show monitor screen and control mouse, on cellphone maybe the off screen part is visible when you are done press a 'enturn' button and hand the cellphone. board gets updated. Nuts.

Found a possible game.
Problem with it is that the 2 to 4 players can not see each other's cards.

One solution would be net/connect play but I'm running a demo and no such commands, also, I took a look at the commands and I don't think I will be able to understand them anytime soon.

So, I'm looking for a way to port a game where cards must be hidden from each players on a single machine. In a way, players could be polite and look aside on each's turn, but that takes the focus of the board and fells it looses playability.

Does anyone have a creative solution on this? Did anyone run into a game with similar requirement?
Hi everyone,

I'm new here and am looking foward to participate on this to get the hangs of glbasic. My last programming was on amos, hope it helps.

I was researching games to do and came by a few from my infancy that may look like possible choices:
The Awful Green Things from Outer Space
Excellent alien infestation game, >2 player
nice >2 player game, get the containers back to base,
control weather, ice and de-ice.
The aMAZEing Labyrinth
interesting shift board/maze concept
>2 player
complicated time consuming war/management game
love the bomb mushrooms. >2 player
Cosmic Encounter
nice conquest game, race system a must.
think starcontrol on board. >2 player

so there goes some references and although I would prefer to do them, their mechanics seem currently too complex for me. In case you are looking for a game to convert and implement further these are my good picks.

I'm currently analyzing one that should be a lot more simple on mechanics them these ones.

I will be needing help specially on dealing with cards and internet play as my programming skills are far from optimum.