Circular Time - How to make time into a circle.

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New codesnippet...litterally in every sense of it.

This is how you turn time, into a circle =D

Actually, this shows how i fluxuate a color back and forth....smoothly.
In this snipet...the color fades from White to Black To White in one second.

Code (glbasic) Select
// Color Override - Fluxuator
STATIC ColorRotator% = 0 , ColorWheel% = 1
LOCAL Circulartime = 2.777777778 // = 1000/360, one second of time divided by 360.  Divide gettimer() with this, and accumulate the value every loop, and you get 360 degrees rotating every second.
ColorRotator = (GETTIMER()/Circulartime) + ColorRotator
IF ColorRotator > 359 THEN ColorRotator = 0
ColorWheel = INTEGER((SIN(ColorRotator) * 127) + 128)
Color = RGB(ColorWheel,ColorWheel,ColorWheel)
Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O


 :good: , I love things like this, short & sweet  :)

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