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Wow!!!! too much out from here  :whistle: and this new is really interesting... thanks to spacefractal I think he did and do a lot of Huge things for GLbasic. Thanks from here!!!  :nw: :nw: :nw:
Will be possible get data from the devices?¿.... With Bluetooh HC-05 and arduino works.
I happy to ear those notices... Larga vida a GLBasic!!!  <3 <3
Perhaps someone can be interested... I think do GLbasic works for this can't be very complex, In the video shows like Arduino Ide is programming the phone and Arduino is C++ (Really  Arduino is very easy too, and perhaps no have too much sense do GLbasic compatible with this phone or perhaps can be interesting, I dont' know.

If someone are interested I show the price and not are too much expensive about 120€  , sure this phone not will be like the last model in the market, but only the fact you can connect the device to external electronics IC can be really really cool.
Hey Erico thanks (Sorry for the late reply)... yes another user told me the same like you, but I can't get working the Profiler (I'm under VMWare and I think using virtualization GLBasic some times do extrange Things).

Another way is using some function measuring the time of each function, in C or C++ is easy to do.

Thanks for your help  :booze: :booze:
The first thanks to Gernnot for the Rs232 LIB, now is possible to do very very instesting projects with Arduino using a real nice and cool interface or anything on the Phone..

I leave an Image and the Arduino Code, for if anyone want test with Arduino.

This open another world of possibilities with GLbasic, thanks Gernnot.

I know is possible over TCP connection perhaps using ESP8266, but I want to do using BT.

The String is sended from my Phone... Arduino CODE
Quotevoid setup() {
  Serial.println("Inicio BT");
  // put your setup code here, to run once:


void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:


Off Topic / Music Maker
 :nana: Sorry I find a soft (MUSIC MAKER MAGIX) but I'm not sure if it's free or not... a bit confusing in the download Web.
Hola Compis (no se si alguno sobrevive aún)  =D, quería haceros una pregunta la he puesto en el foro Inglés, pero como mi inglés es realmente malo quizás no se entienda.
Bueno el asunto es:
Como puedo medir el tiempo que necesita una función o en su defecto todo el tiempo que necesita mi programa en ejecutarse, algo similar a lo que hace el comando TIME en Linux, o algo similar a Vlagrind.

Gracias como siempre por vuestro tiempo.
Hi folks, how I can calculate the time needs a function to do his work?¿...

I want say something like the TIME command on Linux, (I think this command says the time of all Code, not only function, but is enough for my needs)

Thanks in advance.

Hallo, I found this tool, some people said is really good (Is the same creator than Navil, an awesome modeler for windows), good points, are , can do very quality models and you have a free version, I don't use because for me Blender is my main 3d suite now (and forever  =D), but I think is a really interesting tool. Take a look
Hey guys if you need a tool for AudioFX, take a look to this free and online... Is the same we have in some part of the forum.
Thanks guys, no Snnopy I wanna say , use renders from a 3d suite and do "pixel Art" automatically with this tool... Imagine : get Poser or MakeHuman, animate in Blender or any 3d suite, launch renders for do the sprites and then use this tool for do pixel art.
I only had 60FPS (I'm running on Wine), but when I use the Torus demo of Glbasic, I had 590 FPS.

Really interesting are you did, load DAE files can be very very usefull from blender and I think is OpenSource.. I think the most new is GLTF can export PBR materials.