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Tiny Request: Playing a sampleloop (not musicloop)

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it would also remove the need to specify how many times to repeat the sample when loading it which I believe takes up 4 times the memory if you tell GLB to play the sample 4 times at the point of loading.

Is any of the above posts requests at all possible kitty?

Kitty Hello:
I'll have a look. I wanted to either switch to SDL for windows anyway, or write my own mixer routines that would allow a lot of other messings. It's just a lot of additional work.

I would like to see openal used across all platforms. It would allow messing about at a lot lower level. I realise windows would need an extra DLL but it's a small price to pay for a much better API  IMHO.

Kitty Hello:
Can I link OpenAL statically?

+1 for OpenAL


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