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Is there any page anywhere that details the proper use of the debugger?

I have had call to use it for the first time in over a year of using GLB and am finding new things out about it. At first I thought that it was cumbersome to have to keep scrolling up and down the debug window to find out a current value of a variable but then I left my mouse pointer over the source code and up popped the current value of a variable!!.

What other little timesaving tips are there in the debugger that I have not found yet?




Use Debug <value> + "\n" to output the values for testing.

It's very similar in function to MS Access Debugging so If you read up on that you might get some good tips!
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Unfortunately the debugger is the one aspect of GLB that I feel is sorely lacking. As someone who uses Types and Arrays frequently, it's discouraging to see that I can't really inspect *any* of the data from my running program. I'm left with throwing around DEBUG statements, which feels far too much like debugging a remote web app rather than a local binary. Having a debug statement printing at 60 FPS isn't super useful..


I personally use DEBUG much more than the debugger actually - although it would be nice if that showed the contents of TYPE's


Quotealthough it would be nice if that showed the contents of TYPE's

I agree!  For most of my types, i have a function called Dump() that manually outputs the contents.
But at 60 FPS, it's hard to sift through!   O_O

And I never use the debugger.  Just never bothered learning, as DEBUG commands works fine for me.
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On that point, would it be worth upgrading the debugger ?  :P