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Can I speak German here?

Also Leute
Ich beobachte GLBasic schon sehr lange, und ?berlege mir schon ernsthaft es zuzulegen (Bis jetzt hab ich nur gutes gelesen - vorallem jetzt mit der kommenden iPhone Unterst?tzung!). Aber eine Sache h?tte ich gerne in GLBasic, welche ich schon in vielen Basic Dialekten gesucht habe. Eine NintendoDS Unterst?tzung, er gibt sogar einen SDL port und C++ Unterst?tzung! http://forum.palib.info/ Legal ist es auch, da man nichts von Nintendo lizensiertes Verwendet. Hier gibts auch noch eine ausf?hrliche Anleitung, die alles beschreibt: http://www.spieleprogrammierer.de/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=7724 Wie w?rs damit?

It's illegal. You can't sell commercial software if you're not licensed developer. And if you are licensed developer, you can only sell to other licensed developers.

It doesn't matter what license software is based on. You don't have license to use the console.

Nintendo's own devkit uses open source sofware in some parts.

YOu haven't to use the console, you use only an emulator, and so that's lagel as long as you don't use the orginal firmware, because the emulator only emulates the hardware. So GLBasic have only to generate a C++ file. This file the user could compile.

Sorry for my bad english...

Man braucht keine Konsole um Spiele f?r den NintendoDS zu erstellen, man ben?tzt nur einen Emulator, welche sowieso legal sind, solange man nicht die originale Firmware verwendet, da der Emulator und die Hardware emuliert. GLBasic muss also nur ein C++ File generieren, welches dann der user selber kompiliert,  das w?re ein ?hnlicher Workaround wie beim iphone.

And it would take exactly two days to receive "cease and desist" letter from Nintendo lawyers, asking to cease all activity, or else...

You didn't get my point. GLBasic is a commercial product. It can not advertise availability to develop on console platform for non-licensed developers. It just can't.

It doesn't matter emulator or not. They can't even mention NintendoDS without being licensed. It's trademarked.
Just look what Nintendo thinks of flashcards like R4. Nobody does anything on "big" consoles before officially asking the manufacturer.

PS: but there are situations on "big" consoles where it is perfectly legal to have your dev environment.

For example Xbox360 XNA development and PS3 linux development. 100% legal.

So, Gernot when's XNA/PS3 linux version of GLB coming out?

Just kidding. =D
(although PS3 is just basic PowerPC linux)


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