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Actually, no. People always seem to think money is the main issue but in reality, it is not.

PSP devkit is $1200 + "testing unit" which is $800.

But the main thing is, you HAVE to be a registered company, you HAVE to have some back record of succesful releases and you must be approved by Sony. PSP is THE CHEAPEST and EASIEST of all current-gen consoles to get license for.

The "huge ammount of money" thing is invented by basement experts who are really just lazy b*tches.

Kitty Hello:
Please check the legal stuff and provide information about SDL and/or OpenGL|ES.

The company I work for has just been granted PSP license and we're still waiting for actual devkits to see what's the procedure regarding compilers etc. I'm not a programmer so I'm incapable to go into details.

But things I know for sure is that company that owns GLBasic (you have to be a company, private devs are a no-go) has to officialy apply for PSP license. Contact SCEE for specific details, as that is under NDA mainly. Contact SCEE for anything you need, they are very friendly towards devs.

Secondly, you cannot offer your "engine" or whatever to free purchase. You will need to have PSP product separated and sold ONLY to licensed PSP developers (companies, private devs are a NO-GO, again).

And as I said before, getting into PS licensed development is easy: you need few commercial titles (nothing too serious - flash, casual is perfectly fine) under your belt, proof of commercial status as a company and that's it. Easier than running Pizza delivery service! :good:
That's for the upcoming PSP Go digital distribution service - Sony is trying to catch up with Apple so they are accepting more smaller developers. If you want to go into UMD distribution, that's a bit harder.

Ian Price:
Sony have really cut the cost of development packages recently - this month's Edge magazine states that it is now 80% less than this time last year. Sony are bricking themselves at the moment as none of their products are selling as well as expected and the GO is likely to follow suit with its OTT pricing.

Why is it illegal to produce GLB compiled apps for PSP and DS then Gernot? Homebrew isn't illegal and the end-user would be responsible for circumventing copy protection even if it was, surely. I asked this a while back, but I can't remember if you answered or not.

Kitty Hello:
I was under the impression that in order to test, run or produce homebrew, you need a modified device, which is illegal. Thus, I'd force people into a crime just providing such a compiler. I'll have to see if I'm wrong and if it's worth the trouble.


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