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da ich jetzt nicht das passende Unteforum gefunden hatte schreibe ich meine Anfrage mal einfach hier rein.  :good:

Es existiert ja ein OpenSource Toolchain f?r die PSP (http://minpspw.sourceforge.net/). Meine Frage ist jetz ob es technisch und rechtlich M?glich w?re einen Compiler f?r die PSP in GLBasic einzubauen?


Oh sorry i must speak english here right?  :whistle:
There is an existing open source toolchain for psp development. I want to know if it is possible to insert a psp compiler for the PSP in GLBasic with it? I dont know much about the technology and laws about that.

Kitty Hello:
It's illegal, sorry.

The opensource toolchain?  :'(

So if it is illegal why can this exist? > http://ps2dev.org/psp

I have to check Sony policy about this, but if there is option to compile GLBasic for PSP, there is no reason why that would be illegal. Unless Sony prevents any compilers bar their own, like Apple. Nintendo doesn't do that, for example. You can program in anything you like, but their toolchain is already set up, so most developers use it.

What IS illegal, though, is publishing on PSP without being licensed developer.

Which means that,even if technically it was possible to port GLB to PSP, both the GLB owners AND GLB users who wish to develop for PSP should have valid license for PSP development.

And that would cost millions of $ right? :(


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