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Nice thread re-use :)
I wish the best to us all.

But on me, I wish this year I can work out more GLBasic games, including updating my most successful games and releasing the few I have on the 90% done. It has been too long. :)
Nice, thanks Space!
The HTML one is on my list to try out.
Sad to hear about that bigsofty, I really don't know what to say, count me up for anything you may need, even if it is just talking.

Looking forward to the screenshot. I have about 3 GLB projects here I MUST get back to.
My Joust game is like 75% complete.
Looks great on win 10 and even better on old cel phone :)
edit: get rid of tapa
There is an oculus rift drive to give a try and I read a few people managed to use sdl2 with it with code online to check.
It also natively runs from android which should be another path to check.
Equipment in hand now, the quest 2. I need to upgrade my system to win 10 pro and this will take a couple weeks to get to some cheap ssd and extra memory prior to it.
Then testing should start. I have a bit more knowledge on it now and it seems possible.
By Crom don't push towards those crappy app makers like unite and what not, let it all please go smooth in GLB :)
I will keep you informed.
Sad to hear that Bigsofty, be well. :(

I will be checking the game out soon.
Same to us all!

On a side news, I got an oculus quest 2 vr borrowed from the university, early next year will try to make it work in GLBasic.
I don´t wanna have to do unite nor unreal, those sucks.
Merry Xmas!
Great! On the visuals, brighter colors might be a good idea. I kind of agree about the main character, Gernot´t idea should help making it stand out.
Nice! :enc:
Great work! I recall trying to add psx joys were terrible :D
Don´t worry about topics, we are all into GLB topic :)

Yes I too recall a problem with full screen and also loading assets during game and not before opening a screen.
Maybe within parallels the issues are the same? If so, we might want to keep that in mind and documented for compatibility :)
Quote from: loftcat on 2022-Nov-02
Let me know if there's any else simple you'd like me to try.

Sure! Thanks for your time.
Here are 2 of them on itchio:

Just hit download, unzip and run.
They should work fine and they use PLAYMUSIC.

I will PM you keys to both my Steam games, they also use PLAYMUSIC.
Maybe this will bring more light into the issue of Parallels.
Quote from: loftcat on 2022-Nov-01
Lovely game and beautiful graphics! Works on my i3 fine, but for some reason it won't run on my Macbook M1 (running Parallels). When trying to start from Steam or the exe file nothing starts up. Probably not a big issue as will only be a small minority of users playing on Macs but thought it might be useful feedback.

Thanks Loftcat. That feedback is important. A bunch of users do use parallels to run my games and as far as I knew things were going ok.
I hope it is something related to music but Gravedigger EX uses playmusic too and I had no complains. Could it be because of the fullscreen? The said game is windowed.

The more successful of my games sell something like 150 copies so every user counts a lot.
Hopefully one day I will break the 1000 barrier :)   
Ah yes, this game is pretty much very complete in its contents, just the music issue you raised needs attention.