Test 3D software

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 i got 340 fps from your test

In general, its a relatively fast object, with moderate amount of nodes, good.
However, when i convert this using GLBasic .ddd converter, there seems to be a lack of texture coordinates.
Here are some screenshots in AGOSA
AGOSA is in the showroom.

ps. can you share the code you used to render the object?  :booze:
Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O


The code has a lot of INLINE functions, moreover, because of the function mem2sprite (or its faster equivalent but still too slow), this little engine is really not interesting :(

Your viewer is awesome! With a beautiful GUI  :good:

Ps: I saw that the topic about your viewer was in the Beta Tests section, I think this topic should also be included in this section.
Could you move it to this section? Thank you Hemlos.


sure but i want that code to render 3ds direct ;)
Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O


My engine is really optimized for software, but if it interests you (and maybe others), I would make an opengl version of my 3DS loader / renderer.
But not now because I have a problem with one of my projects (see the bugs section).
A problem that could also affect this future 3DS loader ;)

Thank you for moving the topic.