GUI in purely GLBasic

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sorry, you are correct. THANK YOU!!!!!!
i must have miss looked that in frustration. you just saved me a LOT of brain itching.

this is a POS that im doing for my business out of a mix between hobby and necessity. the GUI is because i just like doing it and dont understand the stuff available. 10 years ago i made a similar program only simpler( it works flawlessly and still in use), but now i need a better one with more features. previous on has barcode printing, accounts, till slip printing and selling screen(point of sale). this one will have financial data, stock data, business data labour costing... etc. basically a proper point of sal program thats going to be fully free and up there with the best of them.
=D it all started with a what if, and is nearing completion now. i will definitely put it out for all to use, was my intention all along, cuz i`ve read reviews and  stuff and glb needs a proper GUI to be growing some more

thanks Quentin for your help!
every worthwhile project takes time, sometimes even a lifetime


In shorts, I've checked code, and if I undersand correctly You are using InStr in wrong way, in GLBasic it's:
Code (glbasic) Select
pos% = INSTR(where_to_look$, what_you_want_to_find$, start%=0)
so it should be:
Code (glbasic) Select
ins = INSTR(self.contents[i][c].sval$,param$)
in 'search_table_partial' function and that's working... despite that I would advise to declare variables as integers %, by default they are float #..

ah.. @Quentin was faster :]
data is already there, yet at least I've some problem with fonts - solid black background, properly visible only after hover/focus.
Check my source code editor for GLBasic - link Update: 20.04.2020


thanks dreamerman!
every worthwhile project takes time, sometimes even a lifetime


@ dreamerman

can you elaborate about the fonts please? anything to improve will do wonders
every worthwhile project takes time, sometimes even a lifetime


glad we could help :) It's an often made mistake, even after years of programming, so don't worry much about it.

by the way ... welcome to the forum

regarding the font I have the same problem as described by dreamerman. Every menu entries/input fields and so on are black colored unless hover over it with mouse pointer (see attachment)


thats to do with the font files then.

make sure the

and there sould be 2x font files. i did attach it in previous posts. it happens alot when i test programs on other computers.

sometimes the settransparency wont work properly( it might be me as stated  =D)
every worthwhile project takes time, sometimes even a lifetime


Thanks guys!!

this is how it should look though. working correctly
every worthwhile project takes time, sometimes even a lifetime


Very very interesting project (in purely GLBasic so very portable)

I hope you're still working on it, it's really good  :good:


Nice one!!

I too am using GLB for some business side is the start of my simple grid data viewer - but your GUI project looks very nice!

What are you using for your database backend?

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Kitty Hello

Cool stuff. I just wonder, what is wrong with using DDgui instead?