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You cannot go wrong with the Nexus 7.
Addictive as hell.  :good:
Well done. Looks very interesting and the graphics look great.  8)
I pick up my Nintendo 3DS tomorrow. With Pilotwings and street fighter.  :enc:
Thanks  :enc:
GLBasic - en / Re: hello
Welcome and have a great stay.  :)
Guys, either send this guy an email or ignore him and move on. PLEASE   :offtopic:
Ian, cool. Thanks for the speedy updates, much appreciated.  8)
Hi Ian

Have you tried anything with Physics? I get compile error when using iXors3d with C and the physic functions. I have not yet had a chance to try this with your header as my logic says that if I cannot getting it working with xCode and c then this will also have problems.  :(
Awesome. Thanks Gernot.  :good:
Looks good.  =D