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I was thinking of doing something simple with it like tic-tac-toe to show the potential off and how to use the code in a program. But just starting the last year of my degree I am probably going to be a bit busy.
Thanks, one of the hardest parts is trying to implement training based on what is happening on the screen, but I have found its a lot quicker than lots of 'if' statements when graphics are involved! :good:
Neural Networking for GLBasic:

this was part of some University report i had to do there are some bugs but on the whole it works.
Many game companies use forms of artificial intelligence to enhance their decision making process, whether this is for Robots fighting or huge enemy force moving across the battle field. There are a large number of different types of artificial systems. However, this report only covers neural networking, I have reduced the maths in this report to a minimum to help understand the basics and not to take a math's lesson.

also contains the sorce code in the rar file:

Contents of the report
1.0 Executive summary.
2.0 Artificial neural networks explained.
2.1 What are they?   
2.2 How do they work?
2.2.1 The basic building block of the software neuron.
2.3 Artificial neural network architecture.   
2.3.1 How do they work?   
2.3.2 How do they learn?   
3.0 Example included.   
3.1 Artificial neural network main program.   
3.1.1 Smart Objectives   
3.1.2 Data Sets   
3.2 Training steps   
3.3 Steps in testing the artificial neural network.   
4.0 Bibliography   
Appendix  A (Main Artificial neural network program).   
Appendix B (Main Artificial neural network batch processing program).   

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GLBasic - en / Re: DDgui
got it working thanks all
GLBasic - en / Re: DDgui
cool working may i ask one more?
this is not working i tried RTM no joy!

con%= RGB(0,0,255)
com%= RGB(255,0,0)
DDgui_backgnd (con, com, 10, 10, 200, 200)
GLBasic - en / DDgui
Mr G, or anyone help, with DDgui function i can't seem to get any output where i am i going wrong, it all seem to work but when you press the X m=0 ?

DDgui_set("", "TEXT", "Load")
DDgui_button("exit", "X", 0,0)
m=DDgui_get ("exit",m)
PRINT "m="+m,400,400

Your right, I will have to truncate to 64bit.
Thanks for the help.
Care to shed some light MrTAToad :whip:
Hello,  have two questions: i am trying to work with the 'e' function in math in fact 'e' to the power of, i have had to use the below code is there a easier way?

max = POW (e,tot)

I can't get more than 10 decimal points is this correct?
Beta Tests / The Space Kid
started the kid try out the demo, just a fly aroud. still got some bugs but working on them?
my be its because you are using a loop back address

ok=NETHOSTGAME(0,0, "","")

should it not be

ok=NETHOSTGAME(0,"mygame-name", "","")

That’s a really great idea, it’s not working for me either, I can't change the dials and I wanted radar for the incoming stuff. I will just have to knock one up, (I will put it on the to-do list). 

Will do on the demo but lots of coding first, things left to do collision, shooting and network ect ;  hopefully  it looks so good due to the amount of high quality sprites/BMP’s used.

I have had a good look around the web but I can’t find a good looking space station ,has anyone got a royalty free 2001 space station (.DDD file) or a really good looking asteroid you could pass my way? (got space ships and other stuff)
Thanks, Max
screen shot so far!

That's fantastic and it sort of works, it looks so simple too when you know how, however just one small problem, the xz axis you can turn a full 360deg and all is working. But not on the xy axis if you try to flip over on a 360deg all my ship will to do is a sin curve and can't flip over! Any ideas? it was funny the first time i crashed in to the 3 moon of dedeprime! lol