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Hi, got the below issue just after the latest update, it did sort of worked before it made a bin file which I have not yet worked out how to get running on the PI. the program complies for windows ok.
*** Configuration: RASPBERRY_PI ***
GPC - GLBasic Precompiler V.10.037 SN:84d70ef9 - 3D, NET
Wordcount:284 commands
*** FATAL ERROR - Please post this output in the forum
*** Finished ***
Elapsed: 2.9 sec. Time: 14:25
Build: 0 succeeded.
*** 1 FAILED ***

GLBasic - en / Network help
« on: 2013-Jun-07 »
Help, just trying to open a network port 23 (telnet) to a telnet server wake it up and receive the login prompt. However I am missing something as I just get a -1 error at the sock_send stage any suggestions?

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
GLOBAL sock, port%, ip$,socktcp , socksend, sockread, ret$

port%= 23
ip$= ""



DEBUG " setup connect= "+socktcp

socksend = SOCK_TCPSEND (port%, "wake up"+CHR$(13))
DEBUG "send:= "+socksend

sockread = SOCK_RECV (port%, ret$, 1024)
DEBUG " read error= "+ sockread+ " incoming packet="+ret$
SOCK_CLOSE (port%)


GLBasic - en / down arrow
« on: 2012-Oct-08 »
Am I going mad! My down arrow in the editor pain is not working anymore, am I missing a tick box? Its working on ‘tools- keycodes’ it returns 208, it’s just not working in the editor and its driving me potty any ideas?

Neural Networking for GLBasic:

this was part of some University report i had to do there are some bugs but on the whole it works.
Many game companies use forms of artificial intelligence to enhance their decision making process, whether this is for Robots fighting or huge enemy force moving across the battle field. There are a large number of different types of artificial systems. However, this report only covers neural networking, I have reduced the maths in this report to a minimum to help understand the basics and not to take a math’s lesson.

also contains the sorce code in the rar file:

Contents of the report
1.0 Executive summary.
2.0 Artificial neural networks explained.
2.1 What are they?   
2.2 How do they work?
2.2.1 The basic building block of the software neuron.
2.3 Artificial neural network architecture.   
2.3.1 How do they work?   
2.3.2 How do they learn?   
3.0 Example included.   
3.1 Artificial neural network main program.   
3.1.1 Smart Objectives   
3.1.2 Data Sets   
3.2 Training steps   
3.3 Steps in testing the artificial neural network.   
4.0 Bibliography   
Appendix  A (Main Artificial neural network program).   
Appendix B (Main Artificial neural network batch processing program).   

[attachment deleted by admin]

GLBasic - en / DDgui
« on: 2010-Mar-04 »
Mr G, or anyone help, with DDgui function i can't seem to get any output where i am i going wrong, it all seem to work but when you press the X m=0 ?

DDgui_set("", "TEXT", "Load")
DDgui_button("exit", "X", 0,0)
m=DDgui_get ("exit",m)
PRINT "m="+m,400,400


GLBasic - en / Maths function 'e'
« on: 2010-Feb-25 »
Hello,  have two questions: i am trying to work with the 'e' function in math in fact 'e' to the power of, i have had to use the below code is there a easier way?

max = POW (e,tot)

I can't get more than 10 decimal points is this correct?

Beta Tests / The Space Kid
« on: 2008-Oct-14 »
started the kid try out the demo, just a fly aroud. still got some bugs but working on them?

GLBasic - en / lost in space
« on: 2008-May-13 »
Sorry I am having a maths problem with the x_camera please can you help: I am making a first person space game, I am trying to use the X_camera as the window view and fly around space with planets, meteors and bandits . But I can’t get the camera to move or show in the right way. I am using the list of variables below can you help?

Shipx = ship x position
Shipy = ship y position
Shipz = ship z position

Shipdegxz = axis of xz of ship in space
Shipdegxy = axis of xy of ship in space

motmentum = speed of movement along the axis

The not working code so far:

//setup camera directions
camx= INTEGER(shipx+(motmentum10)+(COS(shipdegxz)))
camz= INTEGER(shipz+(motmentum+10)+(SIN(shipdegxz))+(SIN(shipdegxy)))
camy= INTEGER(shipy+(motmentum+10+(COS(shipdegxy)))
X_CAMERA shipx, shipy, shipz,     camx, camy , camz

Next I need to move the ship along the axis:


Thanks, Max

FAQ / update
« on: 2007-Nov-26 »
Hi, I have been away working on other projects and have not had time to play, on my return I have found that you have moved up the versions! However I can not join in the fun as I am stuck in version 3.283 (full version 3d+net) I have had a look around the forum for any clue's of the updates, but they most be lost in the myths of time. Can you help or point me in the right direction.


Inline / 3rd party / DLL help
« on: 2006-Oct-29 »
Ok I omit defeat with the inline command the problem is I just can’t work how it works, I even have the full description file from the supplier. If I send you the dll and the document, can you show me how to get one or two of the commands working, I am sure if you show me one or two I could work out the rest out!

Thanks, Max…

Problem is solved, COM port communication is working. See best answer here:

GLBasic - en / C++
« on: 2006-Jan-19 »

Can I ask about the coming C++ part how would or even could you add in a function like the link below, as I have no idea about c++?

Please can you give me some pointers as to what i would need to get started into.

Thanks, MAX…

GLBasic - en / update
« on: 2006-Jan-03 »
it would seem that i am stuck in version 2.978 and it will not update, reading the questions should i download a new version!

thanks, Max

GLBasic - en / GLBasic 3 SDK - beta
« on: 2005-Dec-09 »
cool new update!

when do you think it will be ready? (need the c++ part), i had better start learning c++ as soon as i can.

GLBasic - en / file access
« on: 2005-Nov-23 »
   Can you help with a bit of code, I am trying to get the time into one of my programs, the code below works first time but when you run the code again it has not updated, Could it be that the file once accessed by Glbasic it will not close the file or "let go of the file for other programs", and when the dos shell trys to access it again it can't get access, If I am correct, are there any ways around it?.

Thanks, Maxheadroom.


Loop: // start

Shellcmd (“cmd /c time /t > tim.txt” ,true ,false, rv) // shell out and put time in tim.txt

Getfile “tim.txt”,0,time$ // open file and get the time

Print time$,100,100 // print time out on screen


Goto loop // loop for ever

GLBasic - en / The Next Gen
« on: 2005-Oct-24 »
may i ask when the next update is?
If there is an update, will it only contain any bug fixes?
And is it worth waiting on the edge of my programing seat for any supper extras!

thanks, max...

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