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A suggestion: With a new CLEARSCREEN command, can there be the option to not clear the back buffer at all?

The reason I ask is that many applications will always completely cover the screen every frame so BLACKSCREEN or USEASBMP will needlessly use up precious CPU cycles.
MrTAToad calculating movement speed regardless of processor is an idea I hadn't considered. It wouldn't be much use on the project I'm working on right now but its something I might seriously have to consider later on.

Ian, the person who reported variable frame rate on the SOTB demo was me. The PC I was running it on had an 3.2GHz Pentium 4 processor and an old onboard 82910GL graphics chip. I got a steadier frame rate after installing alternative drivers but it was still below 60 fps. It runs even slower on my 1.6GHz Atom processor netbook. These are bad systems for sure! Could I ask to see your code for the SOTB demo? I'd be interested to see if there is any way to tweak it for faster running on my ancient PC or netbook or whether its just hardware limitation.

I now think I'm going to include variable detail in all games that I write so I can scale things up or down where necessary.
Off Topic / Re: Good spriter
I LOVE GraFX2 when it comes to supporting old image file formats and/or upgrading Amiga, Atari or Spectrum sprites that I've ripped.

GraphicsGale is what I use for careful 2D sprite editing, although I have limited experience of it.

When it comes to commercial editors Pro Motion seems OK but I already have a copy of Photoshop so won't buy anything else unless I really needed it. I can do pretty much anything with PS that I might want - I have a lot of control and power.

Quote from: Kuron on 2010-May-22
My problem is I have the software, but lack the artistic talent.  And trying to find a 2D artist who is willing to work on freeware games is impossible.
Must be hard! I'm betting that if you can show off some good game mechanics the chances of getting help from a 2D artist are greater.

Noid and Enerbrix look good but Exodus looks stunning. I hope you get a great return on your hard work.

How long did Exodus take you to develop?
In two to three days I will be into Beta testing my first game in GLBasic (so will need to purchase a full license!) It easily runs at optimum speed on my PC test platforms but I suspect portable devices might struggle because of the amount of layered 2D images on screen. Having options to turn down detail seems a good idea but that also got me thinking that my code was really messy and I should optimise it.

Do you have any tips for optimising code? What kind of commands or approaches do you know to be processor expensive compared to alternatives? Let's discuss.

I also have a specific question: Are GLOBAL variables inherently faster than creating LOCAL variables in Function calls? My game currently uses a lot of LOCALs and I'm thinking creating and releasing these variables may take up extra time.
Um, I'm being lazy and should really spend 10 mins writing a routine to test this, but is polyvector faster than drawsprite? Surely not.
Dice app was a good idea.

Cat trap game is cute. I freaked out, hiding and not moving, the first time I let a cat through!

SOTB is so far very true to the original :) Parallax layering of the outdoor scenes is still impressive now. Only one issue, which might be obsolete to bring up since its very early on in development: I seem to be getting a noticeable frame rate variation. I hope that's not

SOTB was my favourite game on the Amiga. Gameplay might have been restrictive but the music & images were so beautifully creative & strange. Very inspiring game. I swore that if 3D PC screens sell enough to be popular I will at least have a decent try to put into code a SOTB clone I first designed when I was fourteen.
Beta Tests / Re: Mappy
I'm getting the same result as others; the more tiles displayed the slower it goes. On an old Pentium 4 3.2GHz the processor is getting fairly well hammered.

There must be some reason for that. How much is the routine doing other than displaying the map sprites?

[edit: Nevermind. I saw you posted the code elsewhere. Thanks.]
Off Topic / Re: Tablets
With accelerometers and resolutions of 1024x600 or 1024x768 on the upcoming PC tablets I guess anything developed for them would work just as well on the new iPad.

I have an Asus Eee 901 myself and I love it. The Ion sounds cool...but I can't see much point of boosting the processing & graphics power of netbooks. I can buy a laptop for that. For netbooks I'd be more interested in extending the battery life, making them tougher and reducing the weight.
Quote from: matchy on 2010-Apr-03
Here's an experimental demo of the 3D depth concept I did in glb:  :good:
Would need work to get it looking & feeling perfect but this is a very interesting starter experiment.

I can see one potential problem: Developing a game for 3D depth (and multi-axis accelerometers) could be limited to hardware that supports it. It would easy to change a conventionally 2D game to work on a 3D platform, e.g. imagine Sonic the Hedgehog with 3D parallax scrolling, but harder to change a full 3D with accelerometer control to 2D.
Well done mate.

First of many I hope.  :)

Check out the DS 3D above. Soon netbooks/lappies, consoles and workstations are going to get 3D screens like this. 3D TVs are already been sold. This is going to be BIG!

When all this takes off and Mac/PC support becomes available, please please please get GLBasic to work with real 3D depth as soon as possible!

I'm already thinking about what I could do with a 3D screen.  So many possibilities. Even traditionally 2D graphics could be hugely improved by layers of depth. :S Gah, can't stop dreaming. Want it, now, for my netbook!  :blink:

What would you do with a 3D screen? Would it change the kind of games you'd want to create?
Beta Tests / Re: Spots
That's fun. Runs smoothly on my low powered EEE netbook too.

There doesn't appear to be any way to finish a game yet. I assumed that's just part of it being a work in progress.
BTW I've discovered that LOADFONT "smallfont.png", 1 in the beginning of code is an easy workaround for the problem with code that simply needs a basic PRINT output for testing, etc.
I've found you don't need to include a separate font file. You can just add LOADFONT "smallfont.png", 1 in the beginning of your code and the default tiny font will work.

Try it.