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Off Topic / CPC Pinball Dreams
« on: 2016-Oct-28 »
This is superb!

Does anyone here have the original computer still running?

Yesterday there was this event here and I got a table myself to human-test the Tree House game and the LV-426 jam one.
It was quite nice and lots of fun. Of course no one knew about GLBasic so I had to lecture everyone about the best tool there is! :)

People seemed to have greatly enjoyed Tree House´s visuals above anything else game wise. Hopefully that will help turn it into some gold coins.
Young players had some problems getting into it but more related to liking this kind of game or not.
Experienced players got to the bat boss on the 3rd run...heck, I should have kept the game harder. :D just joking, I feel it is well balanced.

The LV426 with its explosions was what the youngsters spent more time with.

Here some pics:

Announcements / [GBJam 5] MRU:LV-426
« on: 2016-Oct-02 »
MRU:LV-426 Escape from Hadley´s Hope

LATEST EDIT: uploaded final version here too (

Here a follow up on the more complex parts for me to face while coding:

_Creates a random 25 sized MAP containing first and last(7) checkpoints plus 5 distributed checkpoints. Fill the rest of the blocks with plains, slopes or bridges.
_Creates a random 1000 by 10 TRACK based on MAP at a 1x40 ratio.
_Creates a random
_Use a 44 by 10 marker on the TRACK corresponding to the position the game is happening for the real time terrain movement, interaction and transformations (reality bubble).
_Convert between TRACK and normal XY sprite coordinates to check collisions tank/ground, bomb/ground, explosion/ground.
_Explosion is nerfed, it creates a 3 by 3 area around the bomb hit and shots 4 random cells.
_Check  ground/ground gravity and destroy cells accordingly. Cells can only be if there is something under it. Bridges must be connected to a knot at least 3 cells away sideways.
_Bomb/tank collision happens normally similar to box2d.
_At TRACK 1000, it all gets copied till 2000 but flipped, same with 3000. It makes a 75 sized MAP corresponding to a 3000x10 TRACK.
_The 75 MAP are divided into some 15 groups that contains information on how many aliens should randomly appear and shoot. This draws a difficulty line.

The coords between TRACK and normal objects was a bit monstrous to make.
Now I know better. :)
Latest map generator beta is appended to this post, control with:
_Arrows to move cursor.
_+shift to scroll terrain.
_z /x/ c to fire guns going from single to wider shot.
_enter to generate new game.
Jam Logcat:
Jam info:

Off Topic / Forum post from Jim
« on: 2016-Jun-23 »
Entitled Basic Programming on the Tandy TRS-80 MC-10, Jim runs a personal blog with his experiments on basic with such machine.
He recently did a post about our joint adventures on this land and it is a nice read.  :good:

Long ago I got that, now I´m having it again.
Everytime I compile from the ide I get a windows warning sound.
Everything works fine though.

Does anyone know anything about this?

edit: could it have anything to do with the system sound? I notice as soon as the compiled game runs, the volume keys on keyboard stays unresponsive for about 10 seconds and then it computes.

Off Topic / Kitty Hello?!
« on: 2016-Apr-27 »
aaaaand I just could not help myself... :)

GLBasic - en / ANDROID back and menu buttons
« on: 2016-Apr-24 »
Probably a dumb question but I can´t find answers to it around (android extras maybe?).
How do I deal back and menu buttons on android phones using v14 latest?

Off Topic / New platforms
« on: 2016-Apr-02 »
I know most of you are skeptical about adding more platforms to GLBasic but, since we had access to the source code, I thought why not try to add one of my preferable ones?

Early today I finally managed to output code to the INTELBRAS TS-40 phone, and it is working flawlessly, even 3d.
Tomorrow I´m going to submit changes to Gernot and Spacefractal so we can properly add it to the already great set of supported platforms.


Off Topic / Pixel sprite generator
« on: 2016-Feb-23 »
Was this posted before?
Tool to auto create some kind of pixel art sprites for games.

And here a description of the algorithm, quite nice idea!

Hello chaps, maybe you find this interesting:!basic-tenliners-2016/c450

8-bit 10 liner basic competition, looks like the kind of event directed to squeezes single malt out of a rock. :)
Only for the old computers though, but I know some people around here do play the 8bit basic once in a while.

Here a boulder dash clone by Jim.

I wonder what the same contest rules would create on a modern Basic like ours.

Off Topic / Curse of Issyos - Locomalito
« on: 2015-Dec-02 »
I have been very anxious waiting for this release, it should be up on the page this friday but Loco is uploading the extras, like manuals and so on, I can´t wait!

Bug Reports / 14.106 Strange IDE behaviours
« on: 2015-Nov-28 »
Main window is not displaying and so aren´t many button images, sometimes it flicks a bit.
I don´t know where is that coming from, usually rebooting the machine fixes it for a while.

I have done a full reinstall + web update and get the same thing.
Anyone seeing it too?

Like the title said, whenever I import an obj into GLB (with the built ddd converter) I get it shaded like 100% luminosity and 0% diffuse (as in a 3d package), so it is always fully lit no matter what and it dosen´t get affected by any light at all.
Am I missing something?

You can test it with the project I uploaded here:

It is the file.
Just turn off the fog as I used that to give a sense of shading.

PS: Is there a way I can link to that file without having to re-upload it?

2D-snippets / Dungeon Crawler
« on: 2015-Nov-14 »
From the discussions we had here:

At some point, I thought to do a dungeon crawler visualization in 2d to boot.
Just some exercise.

Here the code, and the appended full project+compiled pc version + a screen shot.
Be aware that the way I did is rough coding, but hopefully this will give a head start/example should you strive for the same or similar. :good:

Currently only the first top left player is controllable with:
WASD as north,strife east,south,strife west.
QE as rotation.
RF as up and down.

Can we advance this?

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
// --------------------------------- //
// Project: MATCHY ADV
// Start: Thursday, November 12, 2015
// IDE Version: 14.006

// --- BOOT
SETSCREEN 680,400,0 ;// final resolution
CREATESCREEN 0,0,170,100 ;// player view set to sprite 0

GLOBAL ft ;// for/next timer/player set (1-4)
GLOBAL world[] ;// world 3d array
DIM world[61][61][61]
GLOBAL fov[] ;// fov 3d array
DIM fov[5][5][5]
GLOBAL wx,wy,wz ;// for/next world scanner
DIM px[5]; DIM py[5]; DIM pz[5] ;// players position
DIM pf[5] ;// players face direction (1-4) 1 north
GLOBAL px[], py[], pz[], pf[]

SETCURRENTDIR("Media") ;// go to media files
LOADSPRITE "GUIDE BKG.png",1 ;// load background guide
LOADANIM "BLK001.png",2,170,100 ;// load block sprites
LOADANIM "FOG.png",3,170,100 ;// load depth fog

FOR wx=5 TO 55
FOR wy=5 TO 55
FOR wz=5 TO 55
IF RND(4)=1 THEN world[wx][wy][wz]=1 ;// ramdom plot block

px[1]=25 ; py[1]=25 ; pz[1]=55 ;// set player 1 coord
pf[1]=1 ;// set player 1 orientation
px[2]=24 ; py[2]=25 ; pz[2]=55 ;// set player 2 coord
pf[2]=1 ;// set player 2 orientation
px[3]=23 ; py[3]=25 ; pz[3]=55 ;// set player 3 coord
pf[3]=1 ;// set player 3 orientation
px[4]=26 ; py[4]=25 ; pz[4]=55 ;// set player 4 coord
pf[4]=1 ;// set player 4 orientation
FOR wx=22 TO 27 ;// clear players start room
FOR wy=25 TO 27
FOR wz=52 TO 55
FOR wx=22 TO 27
FOR wz=52 TO 55

// ------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAIN LOOP

// --- DISPLAY
FOR ft=1 TO 4 ;// loop through players
USESCREEN 0 ;// use virtual screen
DRAWSPRITE 1,0,0 ;// draw bkg guide

IF pf[ft]=1 ;// check orientation north
FOR wx=0 TO 4 ;// dump
FOR wy=0 TO 4
FOR wz=0 TO 4

IF pf[ft]=2 ;// check orientation east
FOR wx=0 TO 4 ;// dump
FOR wy=0 TO 4
FOR wz=0 TO 4
IF pf[ft]=3 ;// check orientation south
FOR wx=0 TO 4 ;// dump
FOR wy=0 TO 4
FOR wz=0 TO 4

IF pf[ft]=4 ;// check orientation west
FOR wx=0 TO 4 ;// dump
FOR wy=0 TO 4
FOR wz=0 TO 4

// --- DRAW FOV [layer4]
IF fov[0][4][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,0,0,0,170,100
IF fov[1][4][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,1,0,0,170,100
IF fov[4][4][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,0,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[3][4][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,1,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[2][4][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,2,0,0,170,100

IF fov[0][3][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,3,0,0,170,100
IF fov[1][3][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,4,0,0,170,100
IF fov[4][3][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,3,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[3][3][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,4,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[2][3][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,5,0,0,170,100

IF fov[0][0][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,0,0,100,170,-100 ;// mirror down
IF fov[1][0][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,1,0,100,170,-100
IF fov[4][0][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,0,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[3][0][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,1,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[2][0][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,2,0,100,170,-100

IF fov[0][1][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,3,0,100,170,-100
IF fov[1][1][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,4,0,100,170,-100
IF fov[4][1][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,3,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[3][1][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,4,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[2][1][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,5,0,100,170,-100

IF fov[0][2][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,6,0,0,170,100 ;// in the midium!!
IF fov[1][2][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,7,0,0,170,100
IF fov[4][2][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,6,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[3][2][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,7,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[2][2][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,8,0,0,170,100
DRAWANIM 3,3,0,0 ;// hardfog
// --- DRAW FOV [layer3]
IF fov[0][4][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,9,0,0,170,100
IF fov[1][4][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,10,0,0,170,100
IF fov[4][4][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,9,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[3][4][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,10,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[2][4][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,11,0,0,170,100

IF fov[0][3][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,12,0,0,170,100
IF fov[1][3][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,13,0,0,170,100
IF fov[4][3][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,12,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[3][3][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,13,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[2][3][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,14,0,0,170,100

IF fov[0][0][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,9,0,100,170,-100 ;// mirror down
IF fov[1][0][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,10,0,100,170,-100
IF fov[4][0][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,9,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[3][0][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,10,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[2][0][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,11,0,100,170,-100

IF fov[0][1][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,12,0,100,170,-100
IF fov[1][1][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,13,0,100,170,-100
IF fov[4][1][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,12,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[3][1][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,13,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[2][1][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,14,0,100,170,-100

IF fov[0][2][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,15,0,0,170,100 ;// in the midium!!
IF fov[1][2][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,16,0,0,170,100
IF fov[4][2][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,15,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[3][2][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,16,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[2][2][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,17,0,0,170,100
DRAWANIM 3,2,0,0 ;// midfog
// --- DRAW FOV [layer2]
IF fov[0][4][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,18,0,0,170,100
IF fov[1][4][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,19,0,0,170,100
IF fov[4][4][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,18,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[3][4][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,19,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[2][4][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,20,0,0,170,100

IF fov[0][3][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,21,0,0,170,100
IF fov[1][3][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,22,0,0,170,100
IF fov[4][3][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,21,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[3][3][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,22,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[2][3][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,23,0,0,170,100

IF fov[0][0][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,18,0,100,170,-100 ;// mirror down
IF fov[1][0][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,19,0,100,170,-100
IF fov[4][0][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,18,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[3][0][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,19,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[2][0][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,20,0,100,170,-100

IF fov[0][1][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,21,0,100,170,-100
IF fov[1][1][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,22,0,100,170,-100
IF fov[4][1][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,21,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[3][1][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,22,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[2][1][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,23,0,100,170,-100

IF fov[0][2][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,24,0,0,170,100 ;// in the midium!!
IF fov[1][2][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,25,0,0,170,100
IF fov[4][2][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,24,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[3][2][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,25,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[2][2][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,26,0,0,170,100
DRAWANIM 3,1,0,0 ;// lightfog
// --- DRAW FOV [layer1]
IF fov[0][3][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,27,0,0,170,100
IF fov[1][3][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,28,0,0,170,100
IF fov[4][3][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,27,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[3][3][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,28,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[2][3][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,29,0,0,170,100

IF fov[0][1][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,27,0,100,170,-100 ;// mirror down
IF fov[1][1][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,28,0,100,170,-100
IF fov[4][1][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,27,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[3][1][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,28,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[2][1][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,29,0,100,170,-100

IF fov[0][2][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,30,0,0,170,100 ;// in the midium!!
IF fov[1][2][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,31,0,0,170,100
IF fov[4][2][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,30,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[3][2][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,31,170,0,-170,100
DRAWANIM 3,0,0,0 ;// super lightfog
IF fov[2][2][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,32,0,0,170,100

// --- DRAW FOV [layer0]

IF fov[1][3][0]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,33,0,0,170,100
IF fov[3][3][0]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,33,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[2][3][0]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,34,170,0,-170,100

IF fov[1][1][0]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,33,0,100,170,-100 ;// mirror down
IF fov[3][1][0]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,33,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[2][1][0]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,34,170,100,-170,-100

IF fov[1][2][0]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,35,0,0,170,100 ;// in the midium!!
IF fov[3][2][0]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,35,170,0,-170,100

PRINT "X="+px[ft],2,2 ;// player info
PRINT "Y="+py[ft],2,10
PRINT "Z="+pz[ft],2,18
PRINT "F="+pf[ft],2,26
// PRINT "2BA="+world[px[1]][py[1]][pz[1]-2],2,34
// PRINT "FOV="+fov[2][2][2],2,42

// ---
USESCREEN -1 ;// use backbuffer
IF ft=1 THEN ZOOMSPRITE 0,84,50,2,2 ;// scale output pl1
IF ft=2 THEN ZOOMSPRITE 0,424,50,2,2 ;// scale output pl2
IF ft=3 THEN ZOOMSPRITE 0,84,250,2,2 ;// scale output pl3
IF ft=4 THEN ZOOMSPRITE 0,424,250,2,2 ;// scale output pl4
IF ft=4 THEN DRAWRECT 338,0,3,400,RGB(126,126,126) ;// hud
IF ft=4 THEN DRAWRECT 0,198,680,3,RGB(126,126,126) ;// hud
IF KEY(17)=1 ;// advance
IF pf[1]=1 THEN pz[1]=pz[1]-1
IF pf[1]=2 THEN px[1]=px[1]+1
IF pf[1]=3 THEN pz[1]=pz[1]+1
IF pf[1]=4 THEN px[1]=px[1]-1
IF KEY(31)=1 ;// retreat
IF pf[1]=1 THEN pz[1]=pz[1]+1
IF pf[1]=2 THEN px[1]=px[1]-1
IF pf[1]=3 THEN pz[1]=pz[1]-1
IF pf[1]=4 THEN px[1]=px[1]+1
IF KEY(32)=1 ;// strife right
IF pf[1]=1 THEN px[1]=px[1]+1
IF pf[1]=2 THEN pz[1]=pz[1]+1
IF pf[1]=3 THEN px[1]=px[1]-1
IF pf[1]=4 THEN pz[1]=pz[1]-1
IF KEY(30)=1 ;// strife left
IF pf[1]=1 THEN px[1]=px[1]-1
IF pf[1]=2 THEN pz[1]=pz[1]-1
IF pf[1]=3 THEN px[1]=px[1]+1
IF pf[1]=4 THEN pz[1]=pz[1]+1
IF KEY(18)=1 ;// rotate right
IF pf[1]=5 THEN pf[1]=1
IF KEY(16)=1 ;// rotate left
IF pf[1]=0 THEN pf[1]=4
IF KEY(19)=1 ;// up
IF KEY(33)=1 ;// down
IF px[1]<5 THEN px[1]=5
IF px[1]>55 THEN px[1]=55
IF py[1]<5 THEN py[1]=5
IF py[1]>55 THEN py[1]=55
IF pz[1]<5 THEN pz[1]=5
IF pz[1]>55 THEN pz[1]=55

// --- DEBUG HUD

// ------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAIN LOOP [END]

I just tested v14 compilation on mac and I get the following attached error.
Tried on the v12 too and here it dosen´t compile at all, I get an error on the GLB console, the usual contact the forum.
Is anyone getting these too?

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