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To sum up so far things which are not working quite right on the PI.

1.   Networking (change of commands in the latest update).
2.   Drawrect just makes the whole screen blue (on my program).
3.   Print not changing to the background colour (not the text but the background part sometimes).
4.   Conversions from string to numbers not completely stable.
5.   Mouse on the touch screen completely bonkers.

Mr Spacefractal, hope you are feeling better, I am more than happy for you to split this thread (I would have done it but don't know how). I have been using GLbasic for many years on little projects, fun and supporting teaching. The sale vertical of IOT is starting to hit hard, with many companies making all sorts of boards. You either need an understanding of 'C' or assembly code to get your projects up and working with them; which is not easy for the general public to access or understand. In the past basic was easy for people to understand and headed up the home computing front back in the 80's and many people/companies made lots of cash. But with GLbasic does not have to waste time or money in building a board to take the advantage, just use one which is cheap ie the PI which you have done, adding in the extra functions would put it years ahead of the current competition landing you a small fortune in sales. I also know Mr G is very busy but I also know he likes to play with his electronics so I am hopping he sees the opportunity. I think GLbasic is fantastic I also think it could be the best! I also think you do a great job  :booze:
Ok, I have added a vote to see if the community wants this or can see if not. I do and I am sure others could see how much it would benefit the whole community. lets hope Mr G will look kindly on us.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++Please vote++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
:offtopic: What is so frustrating is GLbasic and the PI could be the front runner in the IOT (internet of things), GLbasic has it all programmable wise, just need a few things to tip it over the edge direct SQL access, GPIO control, full serial support and the touch screen display, combined with a bit of marketing sales would go through the roof. :nw:

Mr Matchy, I have written a program for the PI with a touch screen to become a room attendance and booking system, which currently accesses a MSSQL database for current room bookings and displays on screen (downloads 7days) and also a swipe card logging for students also upload to a MSSQL database, I am also planning to use RGB LED lighting around the 7 inch display to show red if in use or green if not booked, currently I only have a working system complied on Microsoft. note for the MSSQL I use the network to send to a VB program which runs on the server and converts the network info then the VB Interfaces with the SQL.
But would be nice to get it all working on Glbasic and a PI However I may have to abandon and try the HTML5 option.

ok just to recap things which are having a problem with:

1, Networking the new (SOCK_GETIP$,SOCK_UDPSEND) fails to compile.
2, The 10 point touch screen mouse jumps all over the place (X,Y must me in a different format).
3, Strange problem with the screen turning blue (I am looking into this to find out why).
4, Working on getting the GPIO working.

everything else so far is working.
yes that works, just my sloppy programming.

I have a 7inch Raspberry Pi Display touchscreen (link below) I have tried to get the touch part working as a mouse with GLbasic but it just makes the mouse point jump all over the place (it work normally) I have tried GETMOUSECOUNT which says 1 any ideas, I think it is making FT5406 memory based driver as /devices/virtual/input/input1. but not sure where to go from here?

found another small issue, when reading in the current date and time I try and convert it to a int I get zero. see below it works in windows but not PI?

info$= PLATFORMINFO$("TIME") // get the system date and time
yy=MID$(info$,2,2) // get year last two and convert to number
Ok that information has helped  =D I have rem the network part out of the program and it complies again, I will dig deeper to find out which part of the network commands are making it fail. good work !!!
Hi, got the below issue just after the latest update, it did sort of worked before it made a bin file which I have not yet worked out how to get running on the PI. the program complies for windows ok.
*** Configuration: RASPBERRY_PI ***
GPC - GLBasic Precompiler V.10.037 SN:84d70ef9 - 3D, NET
Wordcount:284 commands
*** FATAL ERROR - Please post this output in the forum
*** Finished ***
Elapsed: 2.9 sec. Time: 14:25
Build: 0 succeeded.
*** 1 FAILED ***

working  :good:

start of a basic telnet program, it needs so checking but it works !

// --------------------------------- //
// Project: telnet
// Start: Wednesday, June 05, 2013
// IDE Version: 10.283

// SETCURRENTDIR("Media") // go to media files

GLOBAL sock, port%, ip$,socktcp , socksend, sockread, ret$

port%= 23
ip$= ""



DEBUG " int sockets= "+sock
DEBUG " setup connect= "+socktcp

socksend = SOCK_TCPSEND (socktcp, "wake up"+CHR$(13))
DEBUG "send:= "+socksend
sockread = SOCK_RECV (socktcp, ret$, 1024)
DEBUG " read error= "+ sockread+ " incoming packet="+ret$

SOCK_CLOSE (port%)

The error reply came back and said:

Injection started

setup connect= 0send:= -110038 An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket.

did the read as well:

read error= -1 incoming packet=10038 An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket.
GLBasic - en / Network help
Help, just trying to open a network port 23 (telnet) to a telnet server wake it up and receive the login prompt. However I am missing something as I just get a -1 error at the sock_send stage any suggestions?

Code (glbasic) Select
GLOBAL sock, port%, ip$,socktcp , socksend, sockread, ret$

port%= 23
ip$= ""



DEBUG " setup connect= "+socktcp

socksend = SOCK_TCPSEND (port%, "wake up"+CHR$(13))
DEBUG "send:= "+socksend

sockread = SOCK_RECV (port%, ret$, 1024)
DEBUG " read error= "+ sockread+ " incoming packet="+ret$

SOCK_CLOSE (port%)


All fixed i am happy again thank you!!!! :S
GLBasic - en / down arrow
Am I going mad! My down arrow in the editor pain is not working anymore, am I missing a tick box? Its working on 'tools- keycodes' it returns 208, it's just not working in the editor and its driving me potty any ideas?