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GLBasic - en / Can we still compile for iOS
« on: 2018-Mar-11 »
Hello everyone.

Quick question if I may.

Hope you are all doing fine. It has been such a long time. I have had a big break from coding all together.

I checked that my iOS apps are no longer working because of iOS 11 bla bla bla!

Does GLBasic still compile for iOS or are all my games long gone!

Thanks guys.

Off Topic / Lud O the Rings
« on: 2017-Jun-27 »
I am posting my latest game in off-topic because it is my first full game using Corona. As you all know or most of you are aware, I have been using GLBasic for years and still do, but wanted to try something different.

The Story:
Embark on the most exciting board game adventure you will ever experience. A perfect mix between fantasy and Ludo that will have you totally hooked with its stunning cute visuals, ease of use and replayability.

Choose from 5 playable races, with more coming in future updates, each with their own skills and personalities.

In Lud O the Rings, no one is safe, there is danger in every corner and you should learn to use your skills and abilities in order to stay alive and succeed. Play with all the classes and get to know their strengths and weaknesses and put them to use in battle.

Make your ordinary Ludo board game come alive with this strategical, engaging game inside a magical world with fantasy creatures.

Bring your friends over, order some yummy pizza and play the most enjoyable ludo board game you will ever experience on iOS.

Apple App Store Download Link:

I wanted to give 5 promo codes on a first come, first serve basis.


Thank you all for your time.

Off Topic / Anyone tried Corona?
« on: 2015-Jun-15 »
Hi have just stumbled upon Corona SDK, it seems quite good to me for 2D, which is what I will continue doing to be honest.

Before I jump there, has anyone tried it, what do you think of this SDK. And it has in-app, which is a must for me moving further.

Thanks guys.

What I'll probably do is use GLBasic for my old projects, the code is there, why re-write, and perhaps use Corona for new projects.

Announcements / Adventures of Fluzz
« on: 2015-Jun-12 »
Wow totally unexpected.

My game Adventures of Fluzz has also being accepted for Steam Games Portal.

I had already forgotten about this on steam lol. Totally shocked!!!

Thanks for reading.

Announcements / Best Board Games v3.0
« on: 2015-Jun-07 »
Hello everyone,

Best Board Games has been in the works for months. We are really pleased to inform you that version 3.0 is now ready to be downloaded straight from Apple AppStore.

Best board games is the best in its genre. A unique amazing collection of all your favourite games that can be played with up to 6 friends or against robot players with 3 levels of difficulty.

5 amazing games only available for Apple
Animated players (not like other boring board games)
Proper football kits for your playing pieces
Play with up to 6 players
High quality graphics for all devices
An easy to use interface, which is great for kids and adults
Learn to count as you move your token (ideal for kids)
Win and collect magic stars
Use 5 magic stars to roll any number you need
Play on easy, normal and hard levels
Save your progress and resume whenever you want
Keep tabs on your progress and hi-scores for every game
Compare your scores online with the rest of the world
Relax and enjoy the most complete and entertaining board game
No in-app purchases. Buy once, own it all.

Would you like to see other games and features?
Please let us know... We would love to hear from you.

Full version Link:

Free version Link:

GLBasic - en / Tweet
« on: 2015-Mar-06 »
Hi guys,

Is it possible to tweet from your program via GLBasic without exiting. People do not like their game to exit or lose focus when they tweet.

Your thoughts?

GLBasic - en / iOS - inapp purchase
« on: 2015-Feb-09 »
Hey all, I need something very important.

Has anyone recently implemented in-app purchase on iOS.
I need non-consumable and consumables. This is essential for my upcoming project.

Anyone has done this. Please I need a guide, a 100% working guide. I'll reward you don't worry.

Thanks all.


An iOS board game where you can build and control your own hotel empire. Users will have a blast while trying to outrun their opponents in order to purchase the best hotels. Like Monopoly? Love 6 Nights!

Download here:

GLBasic - en / Point of concern
« on: 2014-Jun-03 »
Just wondering if we will be able to continue working with GLBasic for iOS. I am saying this because with this new Swift thing I am not sure.

I am working on a big game and a third of the way there. I do not want to continue working with GLBasic if it won't support iOS in the future.

Kind regards

Off Topic / HTML5 JS
« on: 2014-Apr-25 »
Hey all, just wanted your views on this.

I have finally registered my own domain and want to start making games playable on it etc.

I wanted to dive straight into html5 and javascript but before I do that are there any good tools out there that caters for an all in one package? I have heard about Monkey-X. Anyone used that?

I would love to use glbasic for html but it is not even close at the moment of delivering for html.

There are also port packages like phonegap if I decide to code in javascript and then opt to port natively.

Happy to hear your thoughts.

Hi guys, hope all you guys have had a blast during xmas, new year and so on.

It has been a while I have been completely inactive. 6 months with no programming :)

Anyway, I am working on my board game (think of monopoly) and I really want to make this online 2-4 players.

What is the best way to achieve this in GLBasic.

I want to support ios and android, is this achieveable with GLBasic TCP Sock or is there a better way.

Anyone who knows, please give me the best advice.


Announcements / Adventures of Fluzz
« on: 2013-May-11 »
Device: iPad & iPad Mini
Name: Adventures of Fluzz
Released: TBA

Hello my friends, it has been quiet for a while, and I have been working really hard designing my latest game.
I would like to introduce you all to Adventures of Fluzz. The most complete platform game for your iPad.
This game offers twenty levels of action, puzzle and adventure across four exciting worlds.
As you progress through the levels you can also unlock a total of four amazing mini games which will just have you coming back for more.
Challenge your friends in the leaderboards and beat their score. All games have their own online scores.

I would like to encourage you all to join our offical page so you don't miss out on any of the latest Fluzz buzz.

Help us spread the word and let everyone know about this upcoming game.

Thanks for reading.

Off Topic / Selling Games via my website
« on: 2013-Apr-21 »
Hi guys,

I have a quick question.

I have intentions on selling my games for PC via my own website.  Which is the best method to use for (paypal).

Do I need to script all myself in PHP, or has anyone used external programs to carry out everything for you. eg...

I welcome your advice.


GLBasic - en / Freeing resources
« on: 2013-Apr-02 »
Hi guys.

Kitty or anyone who knows, can you please advise me on the following and if its 100% correct. I need 100 guarantee, thanks in advance.

(LoadSprite "",xxx) will release sprite number xxx from memory. This includes LoadAnims too right? LoadSprite "",xxx will release LoadAnim "",xxx,w,h from memory.

Is it also correct to say LoadSound "",xxx frees up a previously loaded sound with handle xxx?

And LoadFont "",xxx will release Font too?

Thanks all.

Off Topic / Obj-C
« on: 2013-Feb-16 »
Hi Im thinking of diving into Obj-C.

Anyone has done it before, and if you have any useful links, starting tutorials, books etc...

I really want to get using the proper thing and getting dirty, I love GlBasic, its my little baby, but sometimes feel a bit limited.

This will be after I complete my current game, any feedback welcome even if its negative hehe.


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