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The Legend of Teader


Is it possible to play this game Gernot? 
It looks great and I <3 Zelda-Like  =D

Kitty Hello:
It was not fully finished. I did this on the Amiga.
Only the first dungeon has monsters. I started re-writing it in GLBasic loooong time ago and tried a sort of 3D style graphics.
Ah - found it. I'll post it here. It also has the original Amiga BlitzBasic source code included.
Feel free to complete it :D

Interesting, if Zelda & Animal Crossing had a baby... Looks great, Id like to see this finished too!

Hey! Awesome Gernot!  :blink: <3
Looks like the topic I did on the (incredible) 3D NES emulator :

It's so excellent that I really want to work on it to make a real demo, it would be very good for Steam.
To consider...  :good:

Why the portrait in video? Was this for mobile?
The carrot is super cool!


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