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This 3D NES emulator is incredible !  :blink:  <3 <3

Just - WOW!

Really nice!

They are "tchans!" but... but... I mean, dropping scanlines and tube fields is all fine with me but...but.. :nana:

Here is the Steam link for this awesome future emulator  :good:

Ps: Erico I didn't understand anything  :D

I saw it lately on some YT video, and I'm not sure if I missed it or just forgot about it, as it's avaliable from last year - as VR specific app, now they are re-releasing it as normal app so all users can check it out for lower price. It looks that all NES games needs to have specific configuration files to have proper 3d effect (I was curious if they do this automatically or need to tune it manually), and now there are 69 games supported with 3d mode, emulator has also 2d mode that will play other roms. That 3d looks really nice in NES games, and gives some kind of voxel-kind similar look (I know that those aren't voxels but that limited color palette and resolution gives such feeling). Maybe some other 8bit machines will get similar emulators (oh my sweet Amstrad CPC) or 16bit Sega with blast-processing :D


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