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Why not use the empty border of the forum to make a scrolling advertising panel for finished games?

The advertisement would change every 3 or 5 seconds and when we click on it we would go to the game's sales page.
As I am not sure to be clear, I quickly made a photo explaining my idea  ;)

this require modification of the standard theme or find a plugin that support its and require them to been in wise size (here property use one of the steam promotion size of course). We did ealier have a nice App Store threads for various games and apps. its long time ago im have seen people use those really.

I thought that with a mod or a plugin it would be easy but I searched and indeed, it's not as simple with SMF as with other forums  :(
Thks SF

It is not that hard. But not worth it to write a plugin for that.

Yes, I think so too (but it was easier with a plug-in).
In any case, I think it would be really cool.


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