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GLBasic - en / Re: Steam Version Compilers
« Last post by matty47 on Yesterday at 10:21 PM »
Thanks Spacefractal. So Linux has disappeared from the list. Disappointing. It looks like you have to pay extra to get the HTML compiler.
GLBasic - en / Re: Steam Version Compilers
« Last post by spacefractal on Yesterday at 02:59 PM »
Windows 32/64bit, Webgl HTML5/Javascript and Android 32/64bit (which require a older Android Studio to compile it correctly).
GLBasic - en / Steam Version Compilers
« Last post by matty47 on Yesterday at 11:20 AM »
I currently have pre Steam version 15..238 which Webupdate tells me is the latest version. I purchased the full key some 15 years ago. I was thinking that I may update to the Steam version (as this is the only way I will get future updates it seems). I would like to know if the compilers on the Steam version include Linux 64, Android 64, Raspberry Pi 64. I have read forum posts that indicate that both Win32 and Win64 compilers are present. I tried to find further info on Steam but was unsuccessful. Could someone please tell me which platform compilers are included in the Steam version. Thanks for your help.
GLBasic - en / YSort
« Last post by CptnRoughnight on 2023-Mar-28 »
Hi all,

I've recently pickup up my OpenPandora again and yeah, everytime I have this device in my hands I want to code for it.

I had some ideas what to do... for now I can load Csv-Tilemaps, my character is animated, scrolling through the map and,
and this was a hard part, Ysort of sprites does work.

I don't know how you this or if there's a better way.

Basically I have 2 arrays, 1 of the sprite type and 1 to store the indizes of the sprite array.... because I can't have a pointer to the sprite object in the array (correct my if I'm wrong)

So yeah, here is a small video:
im diddent touch any of the sound. so browsers is strange sometime. sound refuse to work until you clicking on the game throught. this is nothing im can do of course. Im only try to add that listinger a bit later....
Greedy Mouse has sound now.
its can still been happens. but not allways a refresh is required. its property a security/focus issue by the browser(s). but its did help throught. So if there is any keyboard issues, then refresh the game.
Announcements / Re: Space Fractal's games now got webgl ports
« Last post by Qedo on 2023-Mar-16 »
SF , Greedy Mouse  on Microsoft Edge now it works great
Sometimes, im dont know why yet, its require a F5 refresh, before the keyboard respons. Im using the same javascript code for all games. Spot Race and Catchout has no keyboard controls throught.

The games was tested with extractly with MS Edge in mind really, but tested on 4 browsers.

Im believe this mightbeen happens when im added a document.addEventListener too early, before the page was loaded, and then no keyboard respons happens until a refresh? Im moved it into a function (under DetectCanvasResize(), that is started from c++ code anyway), so hope its works better now.

Only updated Greedy Mouse as testing.
Announcements / Re: Space Fractal's games now got webgl ports
« Last post by Qedo on 2023-Mar-15 »
 on Microsoft Edge cursor  keys (left right) don't work on all games

not tried heavily.
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