Indie Game Making Contest 2015

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Ian Price

A new contest has just started that GLB users might want to participate in -

I came. I saw. I played.


Og damn... Im just started my new game (see in bonus section) one week too early and most prototypinng is allready done and playable, even im have not worked on this one all the time and on a engine not used by the humble game maker sale.

Property if im got nice graphics on this one, this game could been go to that competion (only if finished in deadline of course).
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Damn the compos always come around when time is the short.
I could do with a very quick game for this one. :)


So cool!
I think I'm going to use my zombie type game for this...
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My entry here

Nothing like a deadline and a gamejam to get you coding fast!!

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