Prototyping Moon Patrol Inspired Game in GLBasic

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It does doesn't it?

html5 and webGL


I guess it does. I have seen some great examples though I once tried to compile one game of mine for it and it complained about memory or something like that. So my guess is that it needs more testing. In my case it would probably be a matter to start a project for it an go around checking what works and how.


Not that I know of. I posted a question about web support when I first found GLBasic and the replies stated some young fella originally created the web support and then just disappeared. I tried building for web several times even just simple examples (from the GLBasic examples) and none worked.


It seems there is some code restriction when doing html stuff natively with GLB, like loops with while. I think I did read a bit of this somewhere here.
This is a link to an html exemple with glb, there were others but I can´t find them now.

I think Gernot posted a christmas demo too with full screen.


If someone can build an HTML5 or WebGL version of a simple game like the arkanoid style example that comes with GLBasic and post it along with the source code that would be awesome.

I've seen a couple examples including that one you shared but it doesn't seem like it actually works now. At least not in the recent GLBasic I am using from a couple months ago.


Yep, I´m having trouble with html on V14, it is not creating anything, I did post about on the bug report.
But a simple example game would be perfect to understand what on code should be different.


Hmm, so the port to Monkey X took almost as long as the whole dev process for GLBasic - is that a plus in GLBasic's favour then?

I was impressed with the web player for your monkey x version but it reset on me after 30 secs or so of playing...might be a small bug somewhere...

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Not encountered the resetting issue.

Ah I think in the end dev speed wise they are about the same. The MX version was a couple hours less but then I had the advantage of the game design and basic structure done in GLBasic. Yet at same time I had to restructure things to a degree anyway to fit MX architecture and also fixed a couple minor bugs I found. I might fix those in the GLBasic version sometime.

In the end both are excellent rapid development tools.


No resetings here either. All plays fine. It could be something on your browser, I´m using chrome.
I do get reseting every once in a while on some s***ty newspaper news page, but I suspect it is them trying to fish more exposure for their ads. :P