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Hello GLBasic developers.

I recently came to these forums in my quest to try out GLBasic (one of many frameworks on my list).

Although I did not spend much time with the language I wanted to give something back to this community. I appreciate you answering my questions about web development support in GLBasic and just being all around nice folks.

So... I have released the code I created to load Tiled Maps and to render those maps (or any maps for that matter).

You can download it from here (bottom of the page):


Keep on coding! :)
Ha ha! Okay. Sounds like for web games GLBasic is out of the picture.

When I make my update today on GLBasic I will be sure to mention that support for mobile game dev is said to be very good. I can verify firsthand that development for Windows desktop is very good.

Thanks a lot for the information. I appreciate it.
Quote from: MrPlow on 2015-Aug-10
Also, if you are evaluating and adding comments for GLBasic the Android native development of GLBasic is super!
Like you I am not a fan of drag-droppy workflows (prefer re-usable coding).

I am not into mobile development at all. Don't play games on my phone either. lol ;)

Quote from: MrPlow on 2015-Aug-10Just out of curiousity I will see if I can html5 output my Pong game. :)

That'd be cool to see.

Is the HTML5 stuff being worked on? It seems like it would not be terribly difficult to do now considering Monkey X, HaxeFlixel and others seem to support it for multiple browsers with no problems.
I downloaded the JDK last night. Just installed it at beginning of my lunch break. Also I created a wrapper for the DEBUG lines and updated the code to all go through that DebugWrapper method and just commented out the DEBUG inside it.

Built to HTML5 and the build process was definitely better. No errors no mention of setting up the JDK.
However, testing in Firefox, Opera, Chrome and IE the demo failed to run in any of them. Also the debug console or whatever all of that stuff is with the giant icons is still displaying (the GO, ..! and ..?).

Then I built to HTML5-WebGL and tried it again. Got the exact same behavior.

It's a shame really because I was getting to like the language and think it could be a solid choice for 2D game development.

Ah okay. Yes, I used the DEBUG command when making the parallax scrolling demo for Windows. I left it in and rebuilt for HTML. When I get a chance I will install the JDK, comment out those DEBUG lines in my source and rebuild. Sounds like I will see a different end result then.

Yep Unity does require the web player currently and will soon switch to HTML5 OpenGL for web builds  They've been working on it. Probably before the end of the year they will have it. Still, I don't care much for the 2D workflow in Unity. That is why I am testing all of these other frameworks.

It is unfortunate GLBasic does not have strong web game dev support. Still I am looking forward to testing again later today! Definitely want to give GLBasic a fair assessment.

Two questions...

1. What is that big console area that appears at the bottom of the web page for HTML deployments? If looks like some kind of development/debug tool. Is it only there for the free version or is there some way to remove it?

2. My HTML test pages all error out. I am sure this is because I didn't have the JDK installed for the builds. Still... if GLBasic already supports HTML5 and OpenGL builds then what is the purpose of this thread?

Personally, I never used to have any interest in HTML game dev and using Unity changed my perspective on that. Being able to deploy to web is very important. I often deploy to web to get feedback from play-testers. And these days gamers are very keen on web games. They get to play and try out games without needing to download, install and otherwise fill up their hard drives.
Hello. I am a new user of GLBasic.

I have been using Unity for 2D game development for the past 20 months or so. And I keep thinking the workflows are adding development time.

Having been a programmer for a long time I am used to and prefer a more code-oriented approach to development. So I recently set out on a mission to find alternatives and test them.

So far I have tested Monkey X and HaxeFlixel. I just started testing GLBasic. You can see my comparison of 2D Game Development Frameworks on my website:

Anyway, a major thing I am looking for is support for development of multi-platform games particularly desktop and web. I thought GLBasic is supposed to support HTML5 development. The free version I am testing with does not so I came to the forums to research and from what I have read it seems like even in the current pro version there is still no support for HTML5 (or Flash or OpenFL) in GLBasic. Is this correct?

I can understand the developer wanting to get paid before giving away the farm and yet I also think if there is HTML5 / web support in GLBasic it really should be included in the free version. People need to be able to try it and see for themselves that it actually works. As it is I am very reluctant to spend $125 just to find out if web games are actually supported and, if so, how good the support is.

Anyway, can anyone tell me... does GLBasic support development of web games? If so, can you point me to any online examples that I can check out for myself?

EDIT: I guess I should clarify the above. I did test the HTML5 and OpenGL builds and they had some weird console thingy at the bottom of the webpage. Also, the compilation complained about needing the JDK. I will download and install the JDK and try it again. But mainly I am just wondering what the state is because on the forum I see threads like this one talking about the need for HTML5 support. So... I am guessing if the users are talking about HTML5 support being needed then GLBasic must not currently support HTML5. Right? lol