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Not encountered the resetting issue.

Ah I think in the end dev speed wise they are about the same. The MX version was a couple hours less but then I had the advantage of the game design and basic structure done in GLBasic. Yet at same time I had to restructure things to a degree anyway to fit MX architecture and also fixed a couple minor bugs I found. I might fix those in the GLBasic version sometime.

In the end both are excellent rapid development tools.
If someone can build an HTML5 or WebGL version of a simple game like the arkanoid style example that comes with GLBasic and post it along with the source code that would be awesome.

I've seen a couple examples including that one you shared but it doesn't seem like it actually works now. At least not in the recent GLBasic I am using from a couple months ago.
Not that I know of. I posted a question about web support when I first found GLBasic and the replies stated some young fella originally created the web support and then just disappeared. I tried building for web several times even just simple examples (from the GLBasic examples) and none worked.
Looks like a good Gauntlet style game.
Thanks for trying it out. I am very happy with Monkey X. I wish GLBasic supported web game development. Maybe in a future version it will.

Yes! I am a big fan of Locomalito and was surprised when I found out that he used GameMaker to make these fantastic retro style games. When I first played his games a few years ago when all of this Indie Craze was just getting rolling I thought he had developed these all from scratch using C/C++ or something.

Hydorah, Maldita Castilla and Gaurodan were my favorites. I also like that he told how long the games took to make. 3 years for Hydorah, 20 months for Maldita Castilla and 5 months for Gaurodan. All are extremely well done.

I would have never thought these were made in GM because they just seem way too good and very much like native programmed games.

@Ian interesting to see the same kind of discussion here as over on the MX forum. Someone mentioned finding the same thing that GMS actually supported a code focused approach including classes.

I wasn't aware of it because the videos I checked out always showed drag n drop stuff then making simple behaviors again using drag n drop stuff. That kind of thing just seems very slow and tedious to me. However, if I can easily bypass that and just program everything it would be worth looking at again. The first time I checked GM was a couple years ago and I closed it about 5 minutes after opening it because the tutorial was heavily focused on GUI making rooms and so forth. Just seemed so dang tedious too much overhead. I will check it out again.
A lot of awesome stuff in this thread!

I found a virtual video game console a couple months ago named the PICO-8.

Just curious if anyone has seen it and made a game for it?

It is very retro style!

Some of the better games I've seen so far are:

Puzzle Cave
Alien Abduction
Across the River

There are many more that have been made including some tech demo stuff.

I thought some of you might be interested in checking it out. I really like stuff like this.

Haven't actually messed around with it yet although I am thinking I might soon!
Just a quick update to let you know I completed Mars Explorer in Monkey X last week.


Also the full source is available for download.

Not sure if anyone has any interest here but since some of you were following the project I wanted to let you know.
If you look in the 2D snippets forum you will find a Tiled Map Loader and generic tile map renderer I wrote.

It sounds like you may want to use a map editor such as Tiled:
Tiled is free and you can easily draw your stages.

Then you just use the modules I posted to load the Tiled maps and display them.

You can try it out if that is what you mean. And if you run into any issues with it just let me know (PM) and I will try to help you sort it out.

If you mean doing it all in code then the others already are giving great support.
I'd recommend remaking your video. The video you have now is fine for people like the ones who hang out in programming forums (such as these). It is gonna be pretty scary for your average gamer though. Seeing the console output and so forth.

Just do a video of the actual game playfield not even showing the window frame or anything except the playfield.

Also, some sounds for clicking and such would be cool.

Steam audience can be pretty hard on casual games. There are a lot of vocal people on there who dislike anything that seems like it should be on a cell phone.

Still I think you might be able to get Greenlight if you can jazz it up just a little. First focusing on the game. Maybe shorten the video down to just 2 minutes or so and make it seem exciting. Some sound FX like Oh :( when you mess up and some Yay or Cheer/Applause when you do good. That sort of stuff. Basically it just needs some polish, a much shorter and more exciting video. Like a text describing something about the game then show maybe 5 seconds of game play. Another blank screen with text of another cool thing. Then show 5 to 6 seconds game play showing that and so forth.

I know you didn't ask for feedback and am just trying to be helpful.

At any rate I definitely wish you luck with it! :)

I'll check out your updates as soon as I am on the computer again.

Looking forward to seeing the updates for your GameInput API!


Now that I am done with my GLBasic project I will be doing the Unity, Monkey X and HaxeFlixel versions of the game.
All three will be developed at the same time. Basically the way I described on my site.

I will do the first piece in Monkey X first then in HaxeFlixel then in Unity (of course timing how long it takes in each).
Then I will do the next piece in HaxeFlixel first then in Unity then in Monkey X.
Then I will do the next piece in Unity first then in Monkey X then HaxeFlixel.

The reason for that is so it is a fair comparison and neither has any advantage.

Absolutely there will be a dev log page for the experiment and instead of videos these will have web games.

At the end of the experiment I will set up HaxeFlixel and Monkey X Source download pages the same as I did for GLBasic.

I might start on this next phase of my project tonight.

Absolutely.  I use a framerate-independent system in all of my actual games.

Remember this is not an actual game. It's just something I knocked out because I needed "enough of a game" to use as a test case for my development speed experiment.

Heck there is a lot of stuff that can be added to this!

It'd be easy to add different behavior for the different aliens.
New stages in Tiled so it has maybe 5 to 6 stages instead of only two.
A high score screen.
Music on the title screen.
A victory celebration for winning the game.... fireworks or whatever. The particle system is already in there.

Lots of stuff. In many ways a game project is never done.

In this case this is not even intended to be a complete game.
However, it is reasonably close and is definitely enough for me to use as a test case to measure the development speed of GLBasic, HaxeFlixel, Monkey X and Unity.

I also think it should provide a solid framework people can use and add on.

I'm thinking if a new person comes over to GLBasic they might play around with the program adding the framerate-independent code and maybe many other things. :)

I used a few different but very close fonts. The controls text is simply Courier New so that should work fine for you. I think I used font size 8 or 9 or maybe 10. The important thing is after making the text I then doubled the size of the image containing the text because everything needs to be in double size 2x2 pixels for the retro look and I prefer to just prerender / process it instead of making the computer scale it.
Quote from: Hemlos on 2015-Aug-30Did you use this game for any competitions? How did that go for ya?

No I did not enter it into any competitions. Just made it for my experiment and figured it might be helpful for others to see how I program video games.