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my first seuck game

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By no means, but we definently should discuss the pioneer/code modeling subject on a proper off-topic subject, fell free to create :good:
Lots of GLB users create their models by code, it is sure to be an interesting discussion.

I love the no-texture eagle, in my humble opinion, should I be leading such project, I would keep all polygons untextured and probably concentrate on some occlusion shaders and more polygons to add details, specially on the sharp corners. But that is just me :booze:

Congrats for the GACK games done so far, I havenĀ“t tried them as of yet, but an achievement is always an important feat to start with :good:

to sad i have only access to a macbook by now, my pc is broken into pieces  :o and i can't work on the g.a.c.k projects anymore (or won't, it runs under wine, but i have no proper joystick support, means one direction isn't recognized by the game then, even the keys i have to remap because i have no "right CTRL" key on the macbook.

so all is delayed now, but i really would like to finish them, even if it's only for my own pleasure.
my personal favorite is "Froggy", did i said already that it was planned as a "childfriendly" game?
it turned out to be much harder as i expected it, catching insects with a tongue is anything else then easy, especially when they can fight back.
i planned the ants in the game as "easy" (jump on them), but they make you a hard life in the game.
i know i overused the capabilities of the g.a.c.k a bit with the photographic backgrounds.
a reason why i started to create repetively to use painted ones for the following "Copter" (radar's nightmare :)), where i would like to have something else as only a extra life for hitting a "powerup", in this case saving a injured soldier.
it would be very difficult then... they shoot and you can't fire back, get life(s) only when reaching the end (the tent).
actually it's a "walk through" because you get rewarded with to many lifes.
further for such games it could be interesting to shoot enemies with enemy fire, leading them to the "wrong" target (e.g. in old "Fantasy" jump 'n' run, where you "control" in one level a gun (pointing at you) with your ballon, to shoot at the enemy helicopters).
b.t.w, "Fantasy" was the first coinop i remember where you could insert additional credits to go on. it drained your wallet  :D (one of the hardest to get rom images for mame or mess)


oh yes, a experience with the G.A.C.K, the pixel exact collision checking can be a real handicap in jump 'n' run games like "Adventure" or "Froggy".
in "Froggy" it's possible you get clamped by the foreground (i really did my best to avoid it, it happens foremost if you slip or jump under a shape which hasn't straight boundaries) and in both it's possible to move the "dead" player in similar situations and you can't escape except to restart the game (while in "froggy" you can wait for a shooting bee or ant to "free" you, if some are left of them), i could fix this with a different animation, but i would prefere something else (not moveable when dead? same collision boundaries as the "alive" player?).

Kitty Hello:
I think I use the first non-move animation for the jump collision. Try not to have concave shapes. Maybe add a line of shadow at the bottom. 


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