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Off Topic / V-Packer on Steamlight
« on: 2015-Mar-26 »

V-Packer 2.0 is now on Steam Greenlight.

With V-Packer you can build a single executable from your software projects including games and application files, featuring a virtual file system, icon support, password protection, 32- and 64bit support and more features.

Note: this product contains a new run-time engine which is optimized for games and applications.

Everything you would want in a packing application is here in V-Packer. First off, you don’t need admin privileges to run it, which is always a plus. Then there’s compression, automatic saves, and your choice of splashscreen image for your application’s loading screen.

If you like this new version of V-Packer please vote on Steam:

Thank you in advance.



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