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GLBasic - en / Re: Android deployment
« on: 2013-Aug-14 »
i dont think it matters which device(s) you get for development, personally id get 2 that are near polar opposites, a suitable large and small device, 1x phone, 1x tablet, shouldnt really matter which model/make.

GLBasic - en / Re: Just an observation...
« on: 2013-Aug-07 »
if it didnt do so with wblinds in win7, then surely the issue is not with glbasic but either windows or windowblinds, esp if glbasic stuff was fine before that.

2D / Re: Picture Loading Support
« on: 2013-Aug-07 »
How long ago did you have this problem, JPG problems were address quite a while back and its been stable for a long while now? Do you have an example image that crashes your GLB executable?

Bigsofty, I recall being one of the people that discovered what was causing the crashes & if I remember correctly it was grey-scale jpg's were the problem. I'm not at home at the moment so digging out geekpeter's original post is not an option now but i'm pretty sure that if you save a grey-scale image as a jpg (in photoshop/gimp whatever) it just dumps you out of your running program.


yeah greyscales were the issue, ive had something similar with PNG files as well, if not for these issues glbasic would be perfectly viable for far more than game creation, ive had to halt progress on some ideas/apps ive made just because of the crashes when i have no control of the format of the source media when downloaded from online sources.
linked previous post on my issue, i think several posts down i link a cartoon/manga thumbnail that is greyscale jpg and is only 1 of many that crash glbasic.

2D / Picture Loading Support
« on: 2013-Aug-06 »
i asked in a previous thread for help when some greyscale jpg/png picture formats were crashing glbasic instantly with no hope for trapping/recovery, i suppose im asking if theres any chance in the future of there being better support for loading pictures/sprites so that glbasic does not crash or that we can somehow trap/deal with the error.

heres a quick link to 1 of my personal learning projects for glbasic, seeing if i could create more than just a game (i'm also ofc making a game as well but wanted to try more variety), an attempt at something a tad more serious, so atm it reads news from the BBC News site, again tho the only thing stopping something like this is the rare chance it reads a thumbnail/picture and just bombs immediatly.  Same applies to a comic reader i made, which works just fine but crashes amazingly often due to the qty of greyscaled pictures.

I understand its not an issue for media purpose made to our apps, and this only affects people attempting to load/use media that are beyond our control and we cannot enforce the correct picture/sprite format.

GLBasic - en / Re: Android deployment
« on: 2013-Aug-06 »
when u first compile you should get a manifest.xml file in your distribute/android folder, if you edit that file you can at least tell android to use the best/max resolution on your device otherwise it picks a squished smaller one, took me some rummaging around the forums to find that as a squished resolution didnt affect any other OS except android.

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
<supports-screens android:resizeable="true"
  android:anyDensity="true" />

Just make sure the selection in yours all says "true" like the clip above, as i believe 1 or 2 of them are false as default, save the file and recompile.

as for what you mentioned regarding portrait/landscape, i havent made anything yet that swaps orientation, mine are all static but surely the only thing that you need to do is keep drawing or stretching to the current screen width/height?

GLBasic - en / netwebget variant
« on: 2013-Jun-24 »
NETWEBGET is pretty useful, i have been downloading images this way for 2 of my practice/test apps to then load using loadsprite, however is there a way to have the usefulness of NETWEBGET but having it download direct to memory instead of local storage so that MEM2SPRITE can be used straight after.

it just seems that potentially saving lots of images to internal storage then loading from storage takes a lot of time and keeps hammering your storage for read/write access, i thought that a sort of NETWEBGET direct to memory then using MEM2SPRITE would be faster and save wear/tear on your storage, esp as many of the downloaded images dont really need to be kept.

I know we can already NETWEBGET text/etc straight to a string/mem, doing the same with images would be pretty useful.

@erico, i was wanting to not set a size and have android do a dirty upscale but rather find a devices own native resolution and simply use that for a better visual quality.

using v10.283, i assumed the "latest" version was whatever the internet update option gave me when running the editor.

had some further time to play with my project on android, (other OS work 100% fine) but still even with changing the project options to my devices resolution 800x480 or as suggested to a much higher figure when i tell my app to show the screen width/height its showing 361x642 instead of 480x800, is there anything else i can do to force just the android build to use the correct resolution?


GLBasic - en / Re: Newbie questions
« on: 2013-May-30 »
ah legend, i thought it would only return the fixed width, thats a big help, and surprisingly easy \o/

GLBasic - en / Re: Newbie questions
« on: 2013-May-30 »
the only thing im not too sure about yet and havent really tried is trying to find the width in pixels of a line of text when its proportional, easy enough when its fixed but i do plan to see if theres an easy way to find a pixel length for a string of proportional text when i can (my code to center text goes a bit wonky when its proportional atm), provided its not been done already ofc.

GLBasic - en / Re: Newbie questions
« on: 2013-May-30 »
the glbasic PRINT command is already proportional isnt it?  you just put TRUE as a final argument and the font becomes proportional?

cheers ill take that onboard and try some test builds on what you suggest.

Be sure that you set the right resolutions for each platform in the project options. I *think* that if you set a low resolution there you cant get a higher one in the app.

nice, i didnt even think of the resolution option in project prefs, i assumed i could just aquire the native res the devices each run and have my app just fit to the native res which is what im trying.

For android am I supposed to enforce my apps own preferred "resolution" then let android do its own fullscreen stretch/upscale or is it possible to do what happens on everything else and just fully utilise whatever native res the device is capable of.

ill give it a shot and print out what it thinks the dims are i just assumed X and Y were correct as the image/display are shown the correct way round.

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