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Post by: Qedo on 2021-Mar-29
at dreamerman (as promised in another thread) and at all interested friends:
a bit for fun and also because lately shoebox on the steam version was not working correctly (solved with beta version), I wrote my version.
Written in pure GLBasic it should work on more systems but I only tried it with win10. I'm curious if it also works on Android but to date I haven't been able to get Android Studio to work.
If anyone willing will do it I would be grateful.
By the way, is there a tutorial to use this damn AS?
Some information on the composition of the shoebox.sbx file compressed as png can be found in the sources.
I had to write custom functions for each native command that uses shoebox like LOADSPRITE LOADSOUND etc.
In practice, excluding LOADSPRITE which uses the MEM2SPRITE function for the other commands, unfortunately you have to save the file image to disk and then load it in the traditional way, and despite everything the saving / loading / execution speed remains at decent levels.
If you like, let me know your impressions.
the BUILDSHOEBOX project creates the shoebox.sbx file while USESHOEBOX is an example of how to use it.
ad maiora
Post by: SnooPI on 2021-Mar-31
I had coded a similar style routine for my MJPEG encoder/decoder but yours is much more finalized.
It's really ingenious and even if the Shoebox function bug is fixed in the beta version, still very useful.

Unfortunately I don't do Android anymore at the moment, I should come back to it (I still haven't used AS  :()

Very good work Qedo  :good:
Post by: Qedo on 2021-Apr-12
Thank you SnooPI.
Has anyone tried it on Android?