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[-]  I'd like to set myself the background color of some portions of the code, for better readability.
[-]  The "find" (ctr-f) tool needs an option to search directly through all *.gbas files of the project, when you have many of them.
[-]  Sometimes it's useful to add a comment in the middle of a long line. How about implementing something like /-shortcomment-/ ?
On the day the atom is a cube I will start believing in the square pixel.


The only way to change the backgroun dcode it's with INLINE but from this you have to use C++.

IF you press CRTL+SHIFT and F you can find in all the Documents at the same time , a Command or any word.

If you want make a comment in the middle of a line try something like this

somecode ; //MY commments// ; this will be the next - Line...
somecode , _ // MY Commnts
not the line continue here down...

Remenber when you use _ it's a carry out to the next line, but if you are doing something with parameters like a function don't forget put before the "comma" , and after the _ Symbols...