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simple userdefined controls

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Yep, gamepad keys working ok now. There are no problems with another gamepad connected. Also I think I must have made a mistake before since now all four directions are working with the second analogue stick so nothing wrong with GLB.

Regarding controls, just in case its any use I wrote a routine to check for combination moves as seen in many fighting games here: The code is probably in dire need of optimisation because it was one of the first things I did in GLB. The basic concept of how to do it works just fine though.

Again, thank you for all the testing work! :happy:
Nice to see, if everything works like it should do.

@Moru: I implemented what you asked for, but maybe in a different way... You will get the information not from RETURN, but its stored in TKey.state and of cause it only works, if you use DOWN() in your loop. I hope this will help you anyways? But RETURN and .state can get changed easiely, if you want that... Update is in first Post.

@Ragaril: Interessting information. But i think this is to big and to special to implement it in my functions. But i think it should be possible to use both together, if someone needs this, i can look into the code again.

Nice, thanks :-)

I wish I had searched the forums before I started coding my own key binding routines.  :|

But, now that I've found this, I think I'll use it instead of my own. I'd have to change it a bit for it to suit into my code, but yeah. So, thanks!  :good:

I missed this too, thanks for bringing it to the fore.  :)


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