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Hi there!

As a Basic programmer I still want a REM command. It has the same effect as // to start a line, but it's a good old b.a.s.i.c. style. Please, a bit of respect for the elders when doing some "retro" stuff.
For the purpose of code clarity, I wish a command to temporarily change the code's background color, for a particular small section. So it becomes easy to spot the zone when scrolling some long code up and down. It could be named REM_BGCOL. It accepts a color like 0x003300 or rgb(0,51,0), and a DEFAULT value to go back to the standard color. It doesn't work inside an INLINE paragraph. It only talks to the IDE and is always skipped by the compiler.
When some weird behaviour occurs I often wish to have an conditional stop/break/pause/debug function. It's an extension of the DEBUG function, where the breakpoint is triggered by a condition -e.g. some abnormal values, or why not a "catch error" line.
Thank you in advance!
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