Improving Glbasic with GODOT Engine?¿

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Just yesterday I download and compiled Urho in Linux, and it's very very nice program, remenber me to Amiga times, I don't test too much but it's easy do anything, I think the way for do things it's similar to Godot.

The good point of use Urho it's we have done the Level Editor, the same Urho Editor or can use Blender, I think have direct support for Blender-Urho (another jewel).

About the code I don't look too much (I think I will can't understand too much), but all  it's C++, perhaps making a "Super wrapper" it's all we need...

Another good and surprise point... have the sources for use in Raspberry (another platforms too), I don't see a 3d Engine for the Raspberry never...