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trying to set them up via the data file but seem to be having issues opening the file

my code is

Code (glbasic) Select
FOR a = 0 TO 40
READLONG 1,temp%
win47[a] = temp%

to open and read the file attached which was generated by another GLB program to contain 40 longs but I am getting a error of No File. The file is in the right directory and exists so at a bit of a loss where I'm going wrong

would rather have them hidden away from prying eyes and being accidentally deleted or edited but will go for the load option if thats the only way
I have a program I am working on that requires a few very large arrays to be set up on start up as look up tables. The amount of data in each of them is anything up to 200,000 entries.

I have the entries in a text document ready to paste into a DIMDATA line but it looks like GLBasic can't handle really really long line in the editor and just locks up when I paste the data in

Is there any other solution to my problem without having to resort to reading in the data from a file at start up and also can GLB handle arrays of that size?

Had a look at PE Explorer and could not find anything to be able to set the fields. Do you know the name of the program on CodeProjects? To be honest I dont know what would be the correct term to search for to find it :(

Thanks for your help
For the project I am working on I need to set the version and copyright information on a windows EXE file so that when you right click, properties, and then detail (windows 10) it shows all the embedded information like the screen below. I need it to be like the one on the left but mine is the one on the right. I have tried setting it all up in project options but it does not seem to want to carry over to the exe. Is there a 3rd party tool I can use to add the info or can GLB do it directly?


well I have solved the problem, not found out exactly why but its working again now. I have my source stored on dropbox on the mac side and access it via parallels for the windows size direct from there. I moved the files locally to the new install of window, ran GLB and opened the files perfectly. So it seems to be an issue when you have files on a network path in recent files that are no longer there I think
Very strange, I have tried all the above and got the same result every time. Im not even getting to the screen to select a project to open, its bringing up the splash screen and then crashing.

The only thing I can think of is because I am running via parallels on a mac that something has updated on that which is breaking GLB. I will just set up a new VM in Parallels, stick v10 back on it and try that.

Thanks for the tips so far though, a very strange one
just as an update, I uninstalled the V10 I was running, reinstalled the same version and same thing happened, so uninstalled again and went for v14, still exactly the same thing, splash screen then a windows alert when the main editor screen launches. could the licence key be corrupt and if so where would i find that? is there anything in the registry?
Everything was fine yesterday, came to start coding today and getting a crash almost straight away on editor start up, the normal windows xp error "GLBasic has encountered a problem and needs to close"

Is there an ini file somewhere that stores what the last files opened were? Im wondering if that could have got corrupted. Don't want to do a clean install as I am using an old version which works fine for the project I'm working on

Im using a borderless windowed mode as I have a dual monitor set up and it was the only way I could get it to span the 2 without going into settings and changing things which again is not an option.

I am sure it did not do it on the first version I wrote but unfortunately that code is long gone after a break in at work where they stole my computer and the back up drive and the backup USB stick that for the first time in years I forgot to take out and home with me :( had to rewrite about a months worth of work. (and because work had issues with internet the online backup was failing as well, a catalogue of errors that has taught me to check check check that everything is backed up realtime). I am pretty certain that I have rewritten the display code the same way. As its running on a 3rd party cabinet and none of the other software on there uses the exclamation sound I might add a KILLFILE when the program runs, then it will beep once and never beep again :)
Ive noticed a strange quirk of my add in that when I run it in debug mode I do not hear a windows exclamation beep but if I turn off debug mode I am getting the sound which is a bit annoying.

Does anyone know where I could be going wrong? I am using version 10 (Yes I know, very old but I'm reluctant to upgrade until the project is finished as it could mess up the whole project) on a windows xp computer. Upgrading the main system is not an option before anyone says stick windows 10 on it :) I would have thought if there was an error (like missing file etc) causing the exclamation sound that the debug window would have shown the error

Didn't know HWND* existed that's why :)
I agree with MrToad, a build number would be very handy especially if it auto incremented on each build of the project and reset each time one of the other values change
I found out on Rare Replay on Xbox One last night if you click the right analog stick it puts a CRT filter on the screen with the curving, blurring effect. 3 seconds later I clicked it and turned it off. It actually looked better all pixelated rather than that filter