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GLBasic - en / Re: Editor Question
Last post by MrPlow - Yesterday at 17:38
No idea if my monitor uses PWM - but after taking away busy line number and margin and running now that program
Eye Saver.. I am noticing less issues...

So all good for now at least :)
GLBasic - en / Re: Editor Question
Last post by dreamerman - 2024-May-16
And what kind of monitor do you use? Standard standalone or some laptop built-in, crucial thing is, does it use PWM for dimming/regulating brightness or DC. Personally I get headache from monitors that use PWM.
GLBasic - en / Re: Editor Question
Last post by MrPlow - 2024-May-15
Thanks - good idea - Just download f.lux and eye-saver programs for windows - see if they help  :)
I will try dark theme too - but in past that didnt help the motion issues...
GLBasic - en / Re: Editor Question
Last post by dreamerman - 2024-May-15
Another thing (beside larger font with bold style) that I can advise is to use dark theme, as it is gentler on they eyes.
What kind of monitor are you using? Playing with blue light filter/color temperature, brightness and contrast may help a little - like one preset for coding/browsing, other for watching movies/YT.
GLBasic - en / Re: Editor Question
Last post by MrPlow - 2024-May-14
yes, I dont know if it could something else but when I look at code via the editor I get a little motion sickness headache.
I dont get it in notepad...  ;)
Could also be scrolling rate of the window is not agreeing with me...

So I was wondering if the refresh of the IDE is different too?!

I have sensitivity to high rate monitors too - and cant watch motion-smoothed TVs either etc.  :D  :D

-  trying diff larger font and removed line numbers to see if motion issues improves ;)
GLBasic - en / Re: Editor Question
Last post by Kitty Hello - 2024-May-14
Yes, there's only the option to change the font size. But there might be alternative fonts to use, that suit your eyes better? We're getting old, eh? :) I need new glasses every two years, myself.
GLBasic - en / Re: Editor Question
Last post by Paul Smith - 2024-May-13
I use a 4K screen and I can adjust the font size to suit but the Icons toolbar is unreadable. I think it needs updating as the windows scaler also causes it problems.
GLBasic - en / Editor Question
Last post by MrPlow - 2024-May-13
Can the editor display code with custom Line Height? e.g. 1.5 or so..
Just the standard is a little hard on my eyes and would like to be able to alter it?
This is so awesome. When you want to "flood fill" a polygonal area, search the forum for "Delaunay". It's a triangulation method for polygons. Maybe that helps? For convex polygons, "ear clipping" is the algorithm you want. GPT is likely to provide code for you.
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