MacOs X fonts problems

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I have odd behaviors under MacOs X. The game runs properly but I cannot see any text. I load several PNGs with different sizes and colors but I just can see white squares instead characters.

The strange issue is that few months ago I haven't this problem. Any clues?

Thank you!!


It sounds like your font file isn't being loaded - or you have changed screen resolution before clearing out all loaded sprites and fonts


Thanks MrTAToad. You are right. First I load the PNGs and then I change the screen resolution. I didn't know this code order could make problems. Under iPhone or PC I have no this problem.


It is best to remove all graphics (on all platforms) before changing screen resolution.


It isn't documented as such with the standard help file (although I have added a bit about it on the online help file).  I mentioned this problem when I had my Mac, where after a bit of experimenting it was found that the screen mode change invalidates the graphics.  It seems to only affect Linux-based systems (so would probably also affect Android too), but whilst it isn't a problem with Windows per se, you don't really want multiple bits of code... :)


As far as I know Gernot said that you need to reload all Graphics after you changed screen size. But dont ask me where he said this...
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