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I am happy to announce my first finished game. It's an arcade named "zzCar". It was hard to know how to send the application to Apple Store, but at the end I succeeded.

Here you have more information about the game:

Drive your car through road mazes, defending yourself from kamikazes that are looking for you, and earn a lot of points gathering energy modules and pieces for a mysterious artifact.

Thank you glBasic team for your great software!!  :)


Congratulations!  Looks really good.

Kitty Hello

It also plays nice!
Please post it here:

The icon is a bit boring. Consider updating this. Make an image of your car e.g., that looks fabulous. Optionally use tilt for the controls of the directions.


Thanks for your comments. It is fun to develop in GLBasic  :)  :)


Its sort of like PacMan but with cars and weapons. The direction arrow showing the next device is very good for a 'causal' gamer like me.

The control pad works fine but another possible control scheme with a game like this could be to tap or press the general direction you want to go in next. That would be easier for someone like me.

Good going. :)



A toast to you Alex_R.  :booze: I've always liked top down car games.

Ian Price

That so reminds me of The Last V8 on the C64 - "V8 return to the base immediately!"

Cool :)
I came. I saw. I played.


Well done Alex, good job!  :good:


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(E. W. Dijkstra)


Thank you guys!! I have a new upgrade ready to send to the Apple Store: Tilt control and +3.0 IOS compatibility. I'm also working on iPad version.