PLAYMUSIC() and continuous loop

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In my game I'm using PLAYMUSIC "Music.mp3", TRUE to play my music in the background in a continuous loop. But in my PC the music stops, and suddenly (in an odd random time) it starts again. And when it starts the game loads again the full mp3 freezing the game one or two seconds.

The PLAYMUSIC() command is at the beggining of the main code, outside of the While/Wend code. If I put it inside always testing ISMUSICPLAYING() I resolve the stop in random time but the programme still freezes and I don't get either the continuous loop music (without any millisecond stop).

Any suggestions?

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Yeah, I posted this a while back. My PC game would stop after the 1st loop, but Pre and iPhone worked fine. Because I couldn't care less about the PC market I didn't push it.

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