We want a Spanish forum :)

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Nobody had a problem when the french forum was opened so I don´t understand why you care so much now.

And dont get me wrong, I´m used to ask for support in english but a mate has requested something that I consider fair...

In the end is just a Gernot´s decision.
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Quote from: kaotiklabs on 2010-Sep-11
Nobody had a problem when the french forum was opened so I don´t understand why you care so much now.

I wasn't around back then  =D  Sorry, couldn't resist.

Clarification: I am in no way in favor of any language before any other (except for English when it comes to computers ofc.) This is no thing i got against Spanish in any way, just to be perfectly clear.

Quote from: kaotiklabs on 2010-Sep-11
In the end is just a Gernot´s decision.

Yep, my contribution here was merely voicing my opinion. Gernot will ofc. decide what he deems good on his own forums  :good:


all i canm see happening is boards with questiopns bei8ng asked in other languages and not many answers as most don't speak that language or worse.

I am speaking froim experiance.. on many of my web sites in the past .. i had forums for many languages that people requested.. all ended up with about 6-12 questions in them and no one that spoke that language knew the answers to reply.. and thus ended up driving people away..instead of attracting members that speak those languages.


Well ... where is the Norwegian forum then ?

Seriously ... let's all use english. I think nobody gains on an fragmented forum.
Support issues is the reason that all my OS'es and apps are installed as english versions. Even though I'm an Norwegian,.

I would actually consider not sharing code or info if the forum is becomes more fragmented.
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I'm swedish but everything is installed as english because it's easier to find help or to help others that way.


Some intersting arguments on every side. Personally, I look forward to the day that we set our preferred language in our profiles and the forum translates posts automatically ;) that way we'd all always have a "native" looking language forum ;)

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I have no problem with a Spanish forum. BUT! We really need a moderator. My Spanish is not good enough to order a Paella.

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