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I have checked the NEWS on GLBasic but it hadnt been updated since OCT 2016  :bed:


currectæy not much and im persoally have been away quite a bit for various reason. Howover im did do a update to the iOS version recently after that date, so get it combatible with iOS10.

Glbasic is today only require update for eventuelly bugfixes. If you ask me. Howover mod support its would been nice, but its a another story.
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Yep, apart from some bugs, which are possible to go around, the core is quite strong and stable. :-*
Spacefractal has done some excellent work on keeping some platforms updated. :good:


Quote from: erico on 2017-May-18
Spacefractal has done some excellent work on keeping some platforms updated. :good:


GLBasic have some strong competitors.
If you don't do anything to keep it alive, you die the Blitz3D dead...

I don't know how busy Gernot is, but i see GLB slowly dying!  :(
GLBasic need a facelift and some more modern syntax, something like GLBasic 2. :)

Gernot, grab a team and make GLBasic great again!  <3
I <3 DGArray's :D

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Quote...but i see GLB slowly dying!

I have a bad feeling about this!!  :S

Please, do not let dying GlBasic. I have fun doing games!!   ;/


I am still developing in GLB because it is great!

I think newbies might be put off by lack of step by step tutorials.

A nice new bootstrap website layout would look nice too.

If Gernot did a campaign for Funding the website I would have no hesitation to contribute - maybe even a Kickstarter (for publicity)
Make the goal low enough to succeed and we could all back it ?
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Me too, only coding with GLB.

Newbies will go for the publicity, most likely unite.
Tutorials in video would surely help, but they are not easy to produce (very possible though, it does not need to be pro).
What I truly think we need is more development and showcase.

The website as it is now is fine with me, but that could only be me. If any other major thing is up in production, then I agree a revamp would be key.

GLB II would be a dream come true, please consider.
What we have right now is pretty perfect, needs only some bugs killed. Could be used as a base to a follow up?

I´d sure back anything GLBasic related.

I have coded lots of stuff with GLBasic, not only what I show here, lots more.
The Avocado game is waiting a bit as I´m trying to get government sponsoring for it.
I´m also planning a GLB introduction workshop. Let you know later if it works out.

I´m also working many other little games, like this one here:


Nice lo-fi Burgertime graphics :)
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Ian Price

I did a BurgerTime game in 2004 using Blitz.

Sadly the game was quite buggy and although it's online I no longer have the code to recreate and improve it. The game isn't playable on my Win10 machine either (1FPS!).
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Mmmm burgers!  =D

Seriously though GLB is pretty solid, it's platform support is still second to none. For me, it does what I want and it's fun to use while doing it.


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@Ian Price, nice version! I can see your style in it a bit on the gfx.
What are the 6 slots on the top? Power ups? Of what kind?

I´m looking into having 2 or 3 main player that can hit each other to add to the fun and also time the levels, if time runs out, the levels start sinking into the waters, except the base burguer platforms.

@MrPlow, this one here is the lo-fi :)


Gernot might not want to do a GLBasic 2 (as cool as that sounds), as it is so much effort for little benefit (financially, unless it becomes very popular.)

He should consider a community open sourced version, completely rewritten from scratch, with modularity and simplified platform support integrated at a low level.  It would be great if each command's code could be separate and independent, with optional code files for each platform, if needed. (Ha, I have no idea, never written my own language!)

The problem with this might be that not many people would contribute (especially if done in C++. C# would be nice. Hey, write it in GLBasic!).  It would take a long time, but would be a fun and rewarding experience.  Who hasn't wanted to write their own programming language?

Only an hour until lunch!  I'm thinking burgers, for some reason. :)
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Ian Price

@erico My game did have power-ups (lots of them), but the six boxes at the top of the screen held rainbow coloured gems. Collect all six to enter a special bonus level (like Rainbow Islands). The graphics were all mine, but I've changed palettes and styles a fair bit since 2004.
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Why is always the solution: "Rewrite from scratch to get rid of all bugs!" ?

If you rewrite from scratch you throw away all knowledge and fixes to problems and have to do it all from the start again :-)

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