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Hi! Actually this is a question for Spacefractal, the King of IOS and Android.  :good:

With my game compiled with the last version of Xcode I notice that I have an annoying delay just in the left side of the screen. I have searched about this issue and I have found one solution in this link:

My problem is I don't know where to put that piece of code and how can I call (or where is defined) the main window.

Thank you for your help


im are note sure what its happens, since im have newer seen this issue at all. Mightbeen im allways disable getures for not interferere apps too much?

Im will look and insert  the code in tomorrow or when im have resetup my machines again (im have moved abit around recently).

Howover the code seen is Swift code, but the code required is in C-Obj. But should not been problem.

The problem is property lie in the UIView controller (iphoneviewcontroller.m) as c-Obj code.

Also please note im have removed ios7 and below stuff, which is no longer supported by Apple. Hence im does not see why using double code.

Also its might can been fixed in iphoneappcontroller.m in about line 223 after/around [glView setMultipleTouchEnabled: YES]. Im will look with real mac soon.
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Thanks Spacefractal for your help.  :nw:


With the new XCode version and IOS 10.2 the 3D response touch is always enabled. This issue happens from IOS 7.0 but it was disabled for users (you had to activate it) and is for that reason we dindn't notice it until now. From IOS 10.2 we need that code working in GLBasic to disable this annoying behavour in our games.

Btw, perhaps you should consider a little Log somewhere inside this forum with all improvements you made in IOS and Android? As well, We can appreciate your work  :)


Currectly there is still issues with the freaking multi taskning, a issue im cannot fix it by my self. the framebuffer is not correctly recreated when the app close or switch. But here a workaround is you can kill the app when the app is paused until then.

About this issue, sadly im seen, can do nothing with the issue. The reason, im have not such of a device to test on, nor have planning to get one soon.

BUT im will soon implements delaysTouchesBegan thing this week, that hopefully can fix the issue.
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