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QuoteIm have dedicated, countinue to use iOS, so im purchased a new iPhone 6s Plus, found to a nice price with a nice reduced price.

That means im will a least fix the touchscreen relative issues, which im believe its the most important one

Wow Spacefractal, you are so good!! Many, many, many thaks for this.

I was desperately looking for a guy with iPhone + to test the games (even if I don't have skills to fix the problem inside glBasic  :whistle: ). Thanks again for trying to fix this issue. I also think it's very important that glbasic runs properly in all devices.

You are great!!!  :good:  :good:  :good:
For me IOS is fine. Of course its a pain every new requirement from Apple. And I don't earn much money. Jus't for pay Apple's fee and a little more. But I have between 20-30 downloads per day and I hope one day increase sales.

I never published for Android because my friends don't earn money with it. And I know one guy that his game was cracked within the firsts months. So I think it's worthless to publish in Android.
Sad news Spacefractal. Thank you very much for your hard work especially with 64 bits conversion for IOS.

I wonder if I'm the last person targeting IOS with glBasic. There are some issues still do not resolve: Touches doesn't work with iPhone 6 + or 7 +. and delaysTouchesBegan (we still have an annoying delay just in the left side of the screen) compiling with xCode 10.1  :'(   :'(   :'(
Hola chicos:

Os paso el enlace a un informe muy amplio en español sobre el mercado del video juego. Hay números interesantes, pero sobre todo interesa las tendencias del marcado de las apps. Es un poco extenso, pero merece la pena echarle un vistazo.

Libro blanco del Desarrollo Español de Videojuegos 2016 (PDF 5,9 MB)
I'd use polyvectors and the most important with POLYNEWSTRIP for fast performance solution. With one polyvector you can select the part of your pattern you want to draw. And you can zoom your canvas.
With the new XCode version and IOS 10.2 the 3D response touch is always enabled. This issue happens from IOS 7.0 but it was disabled for users (you had to activate it) and is for that reason we dindn't notice it until now. From IOS 10.2 we need that code working in GLBasic to disable this annoying behavour in our games.

Btw, perhaps you should consider a little Log somewhere inside this forum with all improvements you made in IOS and Android? As well, We can appreciate your work  :)
Thanks Spacefractal for your help.  :nw:
Hi! Actually this is a question for Spacefractal, the King of IOS and Android.  :good:

With my game compiled with the last version of Xcode I notice that I have an annoying delay just in the left side of the screen. I have searched about this issue and I have found one solution in this link:

My problem is I don't know where to put that piece of code and how can I call (or where is defined) the main window.

Thank you for your help
best wishes for this new year  :booze:
Great!! I can see the web properly in my iPhone. Good job!  :)
Many thanks Space. I'll try what you say. But I need an iPhone + to try. I hope to meet someone with it!  =D
Hi Spacefactral!

Have you tested your apps in a iPhone 7 Plus? I have one user with problems with my game and such device. It seems the touch coordinates are changed like a mirror.  :S

I have tested my game with an iPhone 6s and it works fine. Unfortunatley I haven't any iPhone Plus.  :( Anyway, the problem is very weird. How is possible that it works fine with iPhone 5, 6, 7 and iPad (old and new ones) and the touch system is changed in iPhone plus? It doesn't make any sense.
I think the problem is in your gpc_temp6.cpp (inside code folder) You have to delete this file and perhaps others (_temp*.cpp)that you don't need and they are not code from your app.
I'm not at home this days and I haven't my computer with glBasic. But you can always dowload the iPhone folder from this Spacefractal post :

The direct download is:

I have the same iPhone folder that you get there. Running under GLBasic 12.
You are right. I use GLBasic 12 and it works fine. Perhaps Spacefractal can help you to compile with version 14?  ::)