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Sad news, Spacefractal, but I understand your reasons. I thank you again your efforts to port IOS to 64 bits, so I could launch my last game. But as you say sales are too poor in mobile markets. It's a big effort without profit.

However I stil think that the power of GLBasic resides in its Multiplattform development. It is a pitty that mobile plattforms are falling right now. We need a miracle to change this!!  ;/

Btw: Good luck with Steam!!!
Congratulations!! But it's a pity that is not a GLBasic game  :(

Btw, perhaps GLBasic should follow the business model of Corona: completely free and a Market Place to have incomes (for both, Gernot and the developer)
Quote...but i see GLB slowly dying!

I have a bad feeling about this!!  :S

Please, do not let dying GlBasic. I have fun doing games!!   ;/
Good app if it Works!!  ;/ I'll give it a try. Thanks for sharing!!  :)
GLBasic+IOS Rocks!!!!!  :good:  :good:  :good:  :good:
Wow SpaceFractal, I have no words...  :'( Thank you so much for your hard work. I know it is a pain to improve all Apple modifications. We appreciate all your efforts!
I haven't GLB_ON_QUIT. Spacefractal told me not to put in my code to prevent crashes. And he was right.
GLB_ON_PAUSE saves the state of the game.

SUB GLB_ON_RESUME it does nothing but it is necessary because is called from in app purchases
Try this at the beginning of your code:

Code (glbasic) Select

If I must be sincere I don't understand quite well this issue. My App runs fine right now. Even if I change between apps and returrn my app continues fine without black screens and other errors mentioned. Of course I compile with GLBasic 12.  ::)
GLBasic - en / Re: 2D camera
If your goal is a 2D I recommend to forget all about cameras. Consider your screen as is and put there your 2D stuff like sprites or tiles and move it arround the screen. If you need scroll move all tiles and sprites at once. You move all your world, not the camera. The camera is always fixed. And use types to gather information about all your sprites an objects in your game. Use polyvectors to better performace (recomended for lots of tiles an sprites).
It works fine!! My App runs again!  :good:

I need to make some changes and I'll send it to you by TestFlight.

Thank you four your help, Space   =D
I have tested your changes and the touch issues have been resolved. I need to send to Apple a new version of my game to test the iPhone 6,7+ issues, but I'm sure it works.  :good:  :good:  :good:

But now I have other problem with framebuffer issue and your last changes. My app uses inApp Purchases. When user activates them the app goes to second plane and with your last changes, when it happens, the app shutdown and the user can't purchase. Can you revert this issue to the previous version for the moment, please?

Many thanks
Wow Spacefractal you are a HERO!!!  :nw:

Many thanks for all your efforts. I'll wait for Beta 2 to test my games. I'm planning to launch a new one next month.
I hope to increase the interest in GLBasic + IOS in other people. I speak with my friends about how easy is programming for iPhone. We need more people.  :good:
QuoteIm for my iPhone 6plus and my games sens to run fine, but those used a older version.

I think the problem is from XCode 10 version. I haven't problems before. Unfortunately we need to solve this issue because it will persists in further versions. Thanks Space!  =D