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the only dead ends are those you make yourself. I have used over 12 programming languages over the years. NONE of them have been dead ends. as I'm always learning and programming is one of those skills that aren't limited to languages you use. sure the syntax is different but programming concepts remain the same. I always use this analogy of what a programming language is. If you want to tell a french person how to do something and a german person. its better if you speak THEIR language. the information and context , plot of your subject matter remain the same. you just have to talk to them in their language. thats all that programming languages are. a language that both you and the computer know and can communicate with, and the more you understand the language the more you can do with it.

I draw a lot of knowledge from all the languages i've used, none of it is wasted. you learn more from your mistakes than you do from doing everything right the first time. and believe me theres always more than one way to write the same program in the same language.
Generally speaking MOST languages our there today can write great software. the real limiting factors are the imagination, experience, knowledge of the language of the person trying to use it. Also the skills of the graphic artist, movie maker, sound engineer, level designer, support desk.

Don't try to fly or run before you can walk. set goals , small projects that are realistic for your level of expertise and knowledge. DON'T TRY TO MAKE THE NEXT WOW OR STARCRAFT OR HALO OR MINECRAFT AS YOUR ONE OF YOUR FIRST DOZEN OR SO PROJECTS. unless you know the language inside and out, the OS your writing for instide and out, and have heaps of experience already writing those calabir of games.

IF you do then your just letting yourself in for big disapointments

Mr TaToad is your last reply in the right area.. if so..

huh... ???

so it isn't comming.. ???
and licence requirements for commercial programs ???

I thought when i bought the full version that i could write commecial games with it ???

I'm mainly looking at on the PC both windows and linux support.. (other devices as a bonus as i don't have any others)
my mouse actually has 8 buttons

after much scouring of the net it seems that most programming languages are using DIMOUSESTATE which only handles up to 4 buttons while if they used DIMOUSESTATE2 they's get the full 8..  now i'm a noob really when it comes to things but it makes sence to me to use DIMOUSESTATE2 by default as opposed to DIMOUSESTATE

or something similar ;)

Quote from: MrTAToad on 2010-Dec-12
Unfortunately this version of SDL doesn't support mice with more than 2 buttons - the next version will (along with many other improvements).

Thankyou ;) you've made my day... is it ready yet... lol

still doesn't help me use 5 mouse buttons :(
how do i read the buttons on a 5 button mouse.. there only seems to be provision for checking the first 2
in my younger days as a programmer I too used to read pixels. then i came over to the PC and there was no function to do it.. ie: floating memory / unreliable etc.. so i was taught to use arrays as opposed to reading the screen (which i argues is an array of sorts anyway.. and why should i need to have the same thing in memory again) to which i was told that on modern day OS's that its not a good idea as you data could get corrupted or be stale.. that irs best to stick to use arrays and check them.

So which is it.. has it reverted back to the way i used to do it.. or is it still better practice to use arrays / linked lists etc... rather than using pixels
Started on a tandy radio shack monel 1, then a Dick Smith Wizard, then Spectrum (or was it sniclare .. can't remember) ,  then the Good old C64 (skiped the Vic20) then the tandy coco3 , amstrad, Atari, Amiga 1000, amiga 3000, and then the PC.. yes i hated the PC ..(I know i've used a lot more too just can't remember them .. oh Texis Instrimentts computer.. was one of them) the only thing it had going for it was backward compatability.. and it lost that shortly after i purchaced my first one. I still use Emulators to run and program my favourites.. The C64 and Amiga.. both too good to forget about.

Over the years and Computers and OS's (Dos,OS2, OS2 Warp, Win 3.1 -> Win 7 . ) i've used many many programming languages, Including C , C++ , Assembly(6502,68000,x86), Basic (on many OS's in many many flavours) , Amos , Amos Pro, Blitz basics (on amiga and PC),Pascal, Cobol, Forth, Fortan, Lisp, DBase, and a flock of indie languages which are now dead and almost forgotten..
I rtoo have a sleeep problem..

I don't get enough of it.. lol
(it seems I have a knack for finding "issues" which haven't been squished quickly, or aren't going to be squished quickly :( )

your not the only one .. a lot of good programmers (mainly amatures like us.. who push the boundries and don't believe in limits) tend to find things that should work but don't .. in ANY language they try..

ok.. you've convinced me... sort of...

I'm not saying that i can't send things out to alpha/beta testers to test.. but sending the code to be compiled is a different story.
I'd still like to be able to compile for all platforms/OS's as stated above and I still can't see why its so difficult. and is the main reason i can see that cloud computing(web based or Client or what ever WILL unfortunatly be the way of the future where things will never run as fast as the hardware can produce because its being passed through a third party handler which has its own overheads

I DO have issues trusting people.. (i've only found 2 people i can really trust in my life with my life,code,ideas,thoughts .. hell i don't even trust some members in my own family)

I'd like to see my software on as many platforms/OS's .. you can't blame me for that dream ;) in fact if i didn't have that dream then i'd give up right now

IMHO: I think it sucks how you can't compile (create) for some OS's without owning them. To me. a programmer shouldn't need 3 or more different hardware platforms to be able to write sdoftware for all platforms. Its like the companies are limiting their software ranges (due to copywrite) accross the platforms. I know that the big companies  can afford to do it. but its stifling those inventive, imaginative prople to the systems that they can afford. As much as i hate it the way seems to be leaning to web based apps (cloud computing) to be able to get your app to work on multiple os's without having to own all the different computer/consoles. APPLE is reducing the quantity and quality of apps for their platforms. there are many great programs out there that could be ported accross to the apple but they aren't because of one thing.. THE PROGRAMMERS DON'T own an APPLE computer. If tthey opened this up to program writters them more peoplew would buy their hardware because they will be able to purchace their favourite apps for that platform. APPLE's hardware MIGHT be the best.. but if the software you want to run doesn't support that platform then people will choose other platforms where they can run their desired Application.
I did buy GLBasic because its stated that I could write apps for all those different platforms.. (I know i didn't read further..) I too would like to be able to port some of my older software with new tweaks for handling the newer controlers etc.. but can not afford to buy an apple to compile it on.. In todays world computer software should be able to be coded and compiled and released onto every platform available. on any computer which has cross plaatform support (like GLBasic). as their instruction sets for the dedicated chipsets / CPU's are known. you should be able to tell the compiler to generate for and CPU.

I'll get off my soapbox now.. sorry for boaring everyone with my dribble.
Jack-of-some-trades all codes , master of none.
hey i resemble that
all i canm see happening is boards with questiopns bei8ng asked in other languages and not many answers as most don't speak that language or worse.

I am speaking froim experiance.. on many of my web sites in the past .. i had forums for many languages that people requested.. all ended up with about 6-12 questions in them and no one that spoke that language knew the answers to reply.. and thus ended up driving people away..instead of attracting members that speak those languages.

1. nothing is stopping you from starting up your own spanish forums to support glbasic.
2. most programmers speak english as thats the most common language programming languages are written in.. Why?? because its basicly international. not being racest. and its not us who decided that but scientests/programmers many years ago..
3. Who would run the forums and give the tuff answers if those that know don't speak in these other languages. Generally they are supported in 2 languages .. one is english for the reason stated above, the other is the native language of the language writer .. eg: if they are french , then french,, if german then alike..
4. to get the guist of whats being said you can always use transtalers to translate into other languages