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Have any of you integrated any of the ad frameworks in your games ? Do think it would be a hard thing to do ?
Hi guys

What would be the best method for pixel perfect collison of the player sprite when using a tilebased scroller with polydraw functionality ?
Would it be to keep track of the player-sprite's screen position and draw all the tiles from the "crashable layer" as sprites too. That is if they are inside the playersprites rectangle.
And then use sprcoll ?

Or are there any other cool functionality for this ?

Btw. I will be using transparent png images for sprites and tiles.
Is it possible to get an GLB compiler that run under linux ?
The editor is not that important.
No matter what i set in the LIMITFPS function, my HTC legend has an average FPS at 47 with the most simple loops.


   FPS = ((1000/dtime)+FPS)/2
   IF delay>1000 // 1/2 sec
   PRINT "FPS: "+fps_draw, 0 ,0

Any thought about this ?
Is there an fixed framerate on some android devices ?

Also my ASUS eee Pad Transformer only shows black and white on the screen with glb apps.

A few questions:

I have to choose between ipad 2 and the Asus EEE Transformer ( I will get one of them from my employer  =D ).
Anybody that have tested the Asus or both of them ?
Is there any advantages developing on one of the platforms ?

The Transformer seems very interesting to me :)

PS! I already have an mac mini, so i will be able to compile to the ipad.

I actually have two questions.
I have slow solutions for both, but faster in nicer ... right  :)

1. What would you consider the best way for fast drawing on sprite surfaces ?
Maybe there is a way of getting pointers to the surfaces in inline c++ ?

2. Is there a way to reposition the background when using loadbmp ?
It would be be nice with a function like setbmp x,y (using the loaded bitmap).
I quess i'll use a sprite for background, but then there is the limits of the spritesizes ( 1000x1000 ? isn't it ? ).
Hi, folks.

This is my first post on this forum, and as silly it sounds ... I'm somehow uncomfortable writing posts in new forums.

I am uing GLBasic for the first game I am involved in (well, since the C64/Amiga days), and think it's genious for rapid development.

You can follow our development-blog here:

I have also been looking at other frameworks that supports a broader range of platforms, and have found the AirPlay SDK quite interresting since it support native Android, Symbian and several other platforms. But it's much more low-level than GLBasic, an does not give you all the beautiful functionality GLbasic do.

I also observed that EdgeLib supports compiling c++ code to native Android and Symbian (but it has a suicide license-pricing for independent developers).

Why not add other frameworks (as AirPlay SDK ) as a selectable platform to compile to, an add a compilation-template for the selected framework to further compile the glbasic output with the external framework.

Then we could easilly compile native apps to both Android and Symbian, and all major platforms would be covered.

Ketil Jensen