How to clean a virtual screen?

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I created two virtual screens with 'CREATESCREEN' but don't know as clean it and drawing again, maintaining transparency.


I guess what I'd do is just literally switch to the virtual screen and call clearscreen. If using a certain color with SETTRANSPARENCY, draw a rectangle over the screen with that color. It's what I've done in the past with no issues. Then you can draw whatever you'd  like to it and it should still be usable as a sprite with transparency.


Already I tried it without success. I've solved it by creating a virtual screen again with the same id every time I need to clean.

I appreciate your help.


Depending on if the screen sprite size is greater than than the display size, orientation and device, drawrect with color -1 is a fine alternative for clearscreen.


I´not sure MSX about this, but making in example a
loadsprite "something don´t exist" whit the ID of this screen... (now I don´t rebember well the virtual Screen Command ) :-[ :-[

Ian Price

Just use DRAWRECT X,Y,W,H,RGB (R,G,B) over the old screen.
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I still have the same problem, I can not clean virtual screen preserving transparency. Does anyone know?


Have you tried stretching a PNG sprite over it (say a 2x2 sprite) ?


It's a bug in glbasic. See the anti asing thread. Glbasic dosent clean and use transparency correctly with offbuffer.
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