Macbook with nvidia 9400 graphics card and VirtualBox

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just installed all the software (glbasic - windows xp and virtual box)
without any problem.

Obviously I also update via web update GL basic to the latest version.. but I have a problem

When I run sample project where GL basic load sprite or background, I can see only a black screen.

Otherwise, when I try with sample where there are line or polygon, the render is done.

Any solution?



Hy mymidlet, if GLBasic whit the example runs fine... don´t mind... are tou Wrong :)

This it´s the most tipically error when begin whit GLbasic... You have to do 2 things

The first, at the beggining of the code page, you can see a comment like "Setcurrentdir ("Media"), ok turn On...
(Ovbiously, you have yo place your .png, .bmp or .jpg into this folder)

Now and very very Important... you have to say Loadsprite "extacly the name of your file/s"... ex
if you have a file called... spr_Monkey.png and you put into LoadSprite "spr_monkey.png", don´t will see nothing...

Remenber , very Important!!! GLBasic it´s case sensitive... it´s the same for the variables... A=10 not it´s the same like a=10

Regards, and Wellcome...


DOESFILEEXIST(filename$) else, I am guessing, update DirectX?


Hi mentalthink,
thanks for your quickly response.

I just try to load the example from PeeJay's Game Programming Tutorial tread :)

By the way now I check the path!




If you have some related bugs/fails about video...

try vmware... works more fine!


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