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Aw man, so sorry to hear that you discontinue the project. This is something I would really have liked to get out of GLBasic! Hopefully the open source version will find some skilled developers (I'm surely not one of them, sorry...).

Anway, please keep it up, I will definitely be one of the first people to buy it!  :good:
GLBasic - en / Re: Q*Boyd
Well done, congratulations! :)
I'm loading and using it myself. It's a very old version I think but the only one I could find around here. Code is as follows and I also attached the fmod.dll. Any kind of help is highly appreciated!

Code (glbasic) Select
// --------------------------------- //
// Project: fmod player
// Start: Tuesday, May 09, 2006
// IDE Version: 3.118

DECLARE_ALIAS(FMUSIC_LoadSong, "fmod.dll", "_FMUSIC_LoadSong@4", (const char* name), void*);
DECLARE_ALIAS(FMUSIC_PlaySong, "fmod.dll", "_FMUSIC_PlaySong@4", (void* pMod), char);
DECLARE_ALIAS(FMUSIC_FreeSong, "fmod.dll", "_FMUSIC_FreeSong@4", (void* pMod), char);
DECLARE_ALIAS(FSOUND_Init, "fmod.dll", "_FSOUND_Init@12", (int, int, unsigned int), char);
DECLARE_ALIAS(FSOUND_Close, "fmod.dll", "_FSOUND_Close@0", (void), void);
DECLARE_ALIAS(FMUSIC_IsFinished, "fmod.dll", "_FMUSIC_IsFinished@4", (void* pMod), char);
DECLARE_ALIAS(FMUSIC_SetMasterVolume, "fmod.dll", "_FMUSIC_SetMasterVolume@8", (void*, int), char);

void* g_pFMod = 0;

// need this for ESC-exits
struct FMOD_killer {~FMOD_killer() {if (g_pFMod) FMod_Stop();} } g_Fmod_killa;

GLOBAL fmod_init

FUNCTION FMod_Load: fname$
LOCAL good
IF fmod_init = FALSE


if(FSOUND_Init) FSOUND_Init(44100,64,0);
g_pFMod = FMUSIC_LoadSong(fname_Str.c_str());
if(g_pFMod) good = true;



if(FMUSIC_PlaySong && g_pFMod)



if(FMUSIC_FreeSong && g_pFMod)
g_pFMod = 0;

FUNCTION FMod_IsFinished:
char ok=1;
if(FMUSIC_IsFinished && g_pFMod)
ok = FMUSIC_IsFinished(g_pFMod);
return ok ? TRUE : FALSE;


FUNCTION FMod_SetMasterVolume: vol
if(FMUSIC_SetMasterVolume && g_pFMod)
return FMUSIC_SetMasterVolume(g_pFMod, (int)(vol * 256.0)) ? TRUE:FALSE;

[attachment deleted by admin]
I manually copied the necessary files to the Resources folder and now it is working but without sound... Is there a special way to include fmod.dll in OSX?

OK, correction: the fmod.dll is still not found although I put it in the correct folder together with the hiscore.ini (Resources). I also tried the folder where the Terminal says he's looking for it but it's still not found.

(PS - Maybe it's a compatibility issue between fmod.dll and OSX? I hope not, because the error message is about not finding the file.)
Terminal says that the fmod.dll module is not found and that an fopen request for the hiscore.ini failed. Doesn't the compiler automatically include those files in the app?

Code (glbasic) Select
DECLARE module not found: fmod.dll
request: fopen("hiscore.ini"), "rb") failed
Hi all,

I just compiled a program that runs fine on Win for Mac OS X 10.6.8, but when I try to run it its only a black screen for a second and then the program closes. How can I get the program working? I have already tried to CHMOD the MacOSX executable, but it is still the same error. Help!
Just uploaded a new version that allows you to skip levels as soon as there are only a few blocks left. But beware: skipping a level will significantly reduce your score. Have fun!  :)
Hey kevin, thank you for your comment! :)

Quote"One area I thought could use enhancement and relates to all games of this category is the reducing up of game play when are only a few flooring remaining."

Wampus already came up with this problem, and I think I found a satisfying solution that I'm gonna add to the next update: the idea is that when there are only like 5-10 blocks left the player will get the options to a) go to the next level losing all his bonus points or b) keep playing as long as he has destroyed all blocks with an additional bonus and score*100 per block. This way you can either keep playing for the hiscore or just play to complete the game faster. Only thing is I'm still not sure how to let the user decide. Three quick left clicks in a row? Space bar? Right mouse button (only when missiles are not active)? What do you think?

Thanks siatek, glad you like it! :)
1.3 GB for a Giana Sisters game? :O Incredibe, but the screenshots and the video look really, really cool indeed!
@Wampus: Wasn't me!

@D2O: Thanks a lot for posting tis short clip! The game gets a lot more interesting in the higher levels, though. 8)

@Falstaff: I tried programming a breakout clone and a simple asteroids game like ten years ago with a 2D-C++ engine of some sort (can't remember the name). Sad to say I never finished either of them. Not even close. I also did some BASIC programming on my C64 (well, that was about a bazillion years ago, and surely light years away from the possibilities GLBasic has to offer nowadays) and later I experimented a bit with the BlitzMax Demo. I also have a lot of experience playing computer games! Perhaps that doesn't really make me a genius, but I am surely not going to deny it now that you brought it up. :D
Hi Emil, I might add keyboard controls in the next version, although I think that it will be a lot more difficult to move the paddle that way - you have to be really quick at some points in the game, so a working mouse is somewhat indispensable. I also think that noone called the game "lovely" yet, so thank you! :)
@mentalthink: Thank you, I will try to improve the graphics a little bit in the next version!

@Ian Price: Thanks the the detailed feedback! I know the game can feel a bit uninteresting at times, hopefully I will deliver a slightly more attractive version after improving a bit on SFX, graphics, and power ups. I will also add a feature that lets the player choose if he wants to continue playing the level as soon as there are only like 5-10 blocks left or go to the next level immediately. If he decides to keep playing, he will be rewarded with something like a score*100 bonus for each block/enemy and so on, and if he decides to continue to the next level, he will lose some point. That might help keeping players a bit more interested in completing the levels. And yes, you are right, it is a rewarding experience. When I started programming this game I thought "Now how difficult can it be to get a little breakout game runnnig!" but it turned out to be quite a lot of work. I guess it was a good idea to start out with something small and get it done instead of starting with something big and failing to complete it :)

@Schranz0r: Again, thank you a lot! Never thought that someone woud rate this small game with a 5/5 for its fun factor :-[ I will try to improve sound and graphics in the upcoming version! I don't know about an Android version yet - but if you're interested, I could give you the code when the game is completed so you can go ahead porting it?

Still, come on guys, you can do better than what the current hiscore list says: =D As I already stated, the first one to beat the game will get a small present :)
Thanks MrTAToad, I will add paddle size animation in the next version! :)